Newsfeeds System (Headlines, Twitter, etc)

Creating this to house updates and discussion surrounding the news feeds system in Mimir. This system powers the posts from Benzinga, Dow Jones and Tweets from Walter Bloomberg / our Pumpers List.

I’ve just updated the system to support chart embedding, so any tweets or news articles that mention a ticker (most everything abides by the cashtag syntax these days) will have a Valhalla Chart added to their embed in discord as follows:

  1. Walter Bloomberg Tweets - If a ticker is found in a tweet, the chart image is added as the main image (large), if there is already an image attached to the tweet itself, the image is added as the thumbnail (which can be tapped to be made full size).
  2. Pumper Tweets - Abide by the same system as above in #pumper-feeds except the embedded chart will only ever be a thumbnail when these are forwarded to TF because they mention tickers with open positions.
  3. New Headlines - News headlines don’t include images so charts are attached as the main image always. This could be changed to make them thumbnails if it gets to be too much.

This functionality ensures that seeing the effects of news and social posts on stocks is always immediate.

In the near future, after Mimir’s server gets an upgrade, these chart images (and all chart images Mimir posts) will be “live” for a minute after being posted. This means that the image will be swapped out with an updated snapshot every five seconds for one minute after posting. You can see this technology at work in the economic calendar releases. This will allow discord users to not just see movement when an event happens, but to follow the after effects of it.


The slash commands associated with news feeds (/news mimir ticker and news mimir search) were down for the last few days while I finished migrating the stored data from Mimir’s internal JSON context storage to a legitimate database.

The size of the news data store was for some reason slowing down Mimir’s ability to respond to commands so this should completely alleviate that problem in the future. This also allows for the headlines to be stored for a much longer amount of time to be used in upcoming sentiment analysis and signal functions.

Also made a quick bug fix as the “query” field for the /news mimir search command was mistakenly labeled “ticker”.

For those that missed it, an update to Twitter’s API tiers knocked out Mimir’s access. My initial read of the new tiers made me think that this could be restored with a $100/mo subscription but unfortunately I was mistaken as that tier doesn’t include the streaming API. That is naturally hidden in an enterprise offering that seems to cost around $42,000/mo :kekw:

Luckily this sort of thing is my specialty so I’m currently working on implementing a workaround to get the tweets back up.