NGCA spac merger with Virgin Orbit before the end of the year

Ticker: NGCA
Description of why you are requesting DD: On August 23, 2021, NextGen Acquisition Corp. II (“NextGen”) (NASDAQ: NGCA) announced that it entered into a definitive business combination agreement with Virgin Orbit, through its parent company Vieco USA, Inc. (“Virgin Orbit” or the “Company”). The proposed combination with Virgin Orbit is expected to be completed around the end of the year. Virgin Orbit is a responsive launch and space solutions company. The Company’s highly differentiated air launch technology enables satellite launches at any time, from any place, and to any orbit. Virgin Orbit is also investing with constellation partners to provide end-to-end, value-added services for Earth Observation and the Internet of Things (IoT) applications, using the “Satellites as a Service” model.

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Forgive me, I’ve never made a request before. But all in all it seems promising from what I understand. Virgin Orbit has 6 launches scheduled but has an interesting possibility for more due to the fact that it’s highly flexible: The key differentiator for VO is an extreme level of launch flexibility in timing and geographic location, all at lower cost. VO can turn any 747-ready runway into a launch pad in very short order. Traditional launch services rely on fixed launch infrastructure which is subject to delays and vulnerable to military action. Further, by launching from a 747-400 at 35,000 feet VO has executed ~30% of the mission before the rocket is even launched.

Josh Sullivan of Benchmark gives it a PT of $16 and NGCA is currently at 10.12. No word on vote announcement yet but if they still plan to close by year end, it has to be within days.

Hmm no options? I like to buy super long term $10c on spacs like these in case they pop. SPCE had a good run but a lot of it was during the early space and spac hype cycle. I will keep an eye out on this

Yeah I’m kinda curious about no options, and would love to play options with this. But regardless, it should be a decent play for shares I would believe. Unless I’m missing something I’m not seeing