NKLA: Their truck might not roll uphill, but stock price possibly could

What’s up everyone. Just wanted to bring up some attention towards one of the most intriguing stocks I’ve watched for some time: NKLA. How this stock has managed to not be delisted by now is quite surprising given that they have never sold one of their trucks, and been tied up in a fraud lawsuit (rumor is currently that the video of their truck “rolling down the hill” will be displayed in court soon). Of course that lawsuit has been a ton of free publicity for them whether good or bad.

Recently news was released saying the company wanted to sell up to $400 million in stock in order to raise money due to increasing labor and supply costs for upcoming products.

It was also reported on 08/25 that former CEO Trevor Milton (who is currently tied up in court) increased his position in the company.

It has been making some decent upwards movement since 09/07 with volume being slightly more than average pushing price from $5 to it’s current trading price of $5.42.

This past week there was an unusually large amount of volume on $6 calls for 09/16 and 09/13 expiry. Current share price is only $0.09 away from short’s average price. Current SI is around 30% of float.

This might be one to keep on your radar for some decent movement upwards next week. Currently not holding any positions. Please do your own research.


adding this to the watchlist - appreciate the write up bud.

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