No Bags' Gambling Addiction- $1k to 10k by December 31, 2022

All the cool kids are making trading journals so I guess I’ll make one.


Care to elaborate on the code name?

its classified

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Blog 1 2/4/22

I didn’t make any trades today and just let my ASTR shares ride. I’m debating on weather I should sell on the launch pump or just keep holding as sort of a long term investment. I will probably sell and try to reposition later

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Took profits on the ASTR as i am pretty busy during the launch and don’t really want to deal with it. I’ll probably reposition after

Likely done for the day

Not doing any trades today as I am busy

Deposited $500 into my account today

I’m likely staying cash today or maybe doing a spy scalp here and there. I’m a bit worried about what next week brings with the rumored fed meeting Monday and general market conditions.

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While other people were doing valentine’s stuff and making real human connections I was in my hole scalping spy. Just enough money to go eat somewhere alone tonight



Started the switch to a cash account today. It may take 6 days but its definitely worth it with all the scalping I do.

I’ll probably use this time to paper trade and learn more about tech anal to fine tune my skills

My account has successfully been changed to cash. Now I can gamble all day every day with no pdt restrictions. :pepepray:

Remember to only play at minimum $10 OTM spy fds /s

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I took a spy put at what I thought was resistance, it dumped a little, then randomly pumped and I didn’t cut until I knew the scalp had no chance of cumming back. Gotta take an L sometimes I guess, only 20 bucks.

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8% banger on aapl put scalp after taken several rejections from resistance

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thank you tim apple

!mute @Conqueror


Haha u can’t dunce me here bozo

Uh i literally made like 10 trades between april 2022 and now


Realizing that 10x-ing my account in a year is kind of a lofty goal, Ill aim for like 2-3k by december which is still quite nice

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