Notification Forum Channels (#positions-feeds)

This is currently acting as a placeholder for more detail information on the Forum Channel being released later today for the purpose of following positions from specific members of the community.


#positions-feeds is now live.

This will serve as the replacement for the often requested “callout channels” for specific members in the community so that users can subscribe to push notifications from whoever they want related to positions callouts. As members make callouts from here on out, Mimir will create a thread if one doesn’t already exist for that member. If you’d like to subscribe to push notifications (alerts) from that member, all you have to do is find their thread in #positions-feeds and “follow it” like so:

Click Positions Feeds


Search for the Member


Open the Thread and click “Follow”


Messages sent in the threads have “@here” added to them so as long as your notification settings are set to “@Mentions” you’ll receive notifications for all updates from that user.

Notification Role Sunsetting

There are currently two roles set up for notifications in the server (JB’s scalps and the Challenge). They will be sunsetted and users in those roles will be moved to the threads for those users within a week or two.

Moving Forward

This concept is pretty exciting because it allows us to greatly expand notifications across the Discord so that members can very selectively subscribe to notifications for things they care about. Including, twitter feeds, forum posts and so on. We’ll be looking to move most of our feeds to threads in this style within the coming weeks.


Made a small change to these that will make the push notifications useful. For now it copies the “description” portion of the message and the title and displays it above the embed so that information is included in the push notification. The way it was before, the only thing that was included was the “@here”. The new messages look like this:


Top text of course being for the notification and bottom for easier reading when the notification is opened.

One thing I’m unsure on is whether or not we should push forum posts by the users to these feeds or if they should be a separate thing. Probably going to put it to a vote.