NVCR - Novocure Ltd - Q1 2023 LUNAR Readout and JPM Healthcare Conference catalysts

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Novocure is expecting it’s LUNAR topline data readout sometime in early Q1 2023.

Who’s Novocure?

Headquartered in St. Helier, Jersey, NovoCure is a global oncology leader that dedicates its efforts to the innovation and commercialization of a novel cancer treatment dubbed [Tumor Treating Fields](i.e., TTF). Notably, TTF is delivered by a device known as Optune which is portable and convenient for patients. As an uncanny method of attacking cancerous cells, TTF is highly efficacious and safe against many deadly cancers. Accordingly, the technology has been approved and launched for three indications. They include both newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (i.e., GBM) as well as mesothelioma. To boost further growth, NovoCure is investigating TTF for other cancers such as non-small cell lung cancer (i.e., NSCLC), brain metastases, and pancreatic, ovarian, liver as well as gastric cancers.

What’s LUNAR?

LUNAR is a phase 3 pivotal trial testing the effectiveness of TTFields in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors or docetaxel versus immune checkpoint inhibitors or docetaxel alone for patients with stage 4 NSCLC who progressed during or after platinum-based therapy. It is estimated that approximately 46,000 patients receive second-line treatment for stage 4 NSCLC each year in the U.S. The primary endpoint is superior overall survival of patients treated with TTFields plus immune checkpoint inhibitors or docetaxel versus immune checkpoint inhibitors or docetaxel alone. TTFields is intended principally for use in combination with other standard-of-care treatments, and LUNAR was designed to generate data that contemplates multiple outcomes, all of which Novocure believes will be clinically meaningful.

More information on TTFields:

Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) are electric fields that exert physical
forces to kill cancer cells via a variety of mechanisms. TTFields do not
significantly affect healthy cells because they have different properties
(including division rate, morphology, and electrical properties) than cancer
cells. The multiple, distinct mechanisms of TTFields therapy work together to
selectively target and kill cancer cells. Due to its multi-mechanistic
actions, TTFields therapy can be added to cancer treatment modalities in
approved indications and demonstrates enhanced effects across solid tumor
types when used with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immune checkpoint inhibition,
or PARP inhibition in preclinical models. TTFields therapy provides clinical
versatility that has the potential to help address treatment challenges across
a range of solid tumors. To learn more about Tumor Treating Fields therapy and
its multifaceted effect on cancer cells, visit tumortreatingfieldstherapy.com.

Another potential catalyst is the speech from its executive chairman at the JPM Healthcare Conference taking place from 9-12 January.

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Seems like the LUNAR readout is the starting point for multiple catalyst in the next years.

LUNAR will be key due to its focus on non-small cell lung cancer, the biggest market. If data is good, I can see a M&A play here as well because big pharma is desperate to strengthen their oncology pipeline as their biggest cash cows are loosing exclusivity in the next 4.5 years. Financials ($1b in cash, $500m long term debt) of NVCR seems healthy as well.

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On June 6, 2023, Novocure will present data from its Phase 3 LUNAR trial of TTFields as a treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). While Novocure has already announced that the trial met its primary endpoint, this will be the first presentation of the data, which NovoCura prefaced would be the full results of the trial. As a late-breaking presentation, the abstract will not be released until the day of the presentation.

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today announced that the phase 3 ENGOT-ov50 / GOG-3029 / INNOVATE-3 clinical trial of Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) together with paclitaxel in patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer did not meet its primary endpoint of overall survival (OS) at the final analysis.