NVDA Spring GTC 2022

GTC Spring 2021 - April 12th -16th
GTC Fall 2021 - Nov 8th - 11th
GTC Spring 2022 - March 21st - 24th

The past few conferences there has been jumps in Nvidia’s price. I believe specifically in and around the keynote. It could be a sentimental play to ride along with. Current market environment is different now, so it may not play out like it did in the past.


Curious to see how this next week turns out, especially with NVDA’s performance this past week.

I have been liking the consolidation NVDA has been doing in the afternoon of each day this week… each day after it has this afternoon consolidation, it seems to be primed for its next run. This afternoon’s movement makes me wanna hold over the weekend.

~262 is big resistance so we’ll see how it fairs Monday. I’ve been burned enough where I rarely hold things overnight given all the volatility currently. Some context from last runs.

GTC Fall 2021

November 4th Nvidia had very positive day after analyst rating: Why Nvidia Stock Rocketed Higher Today | The Motley Fool
November 8th was the keynote, saw another good day, huge spike in the am, selloff, then trended up most the day.

GTC Spring 2021

April 12th Keynote, not much action until later in the day. I haven’t dug into it more but it jumped around 12PM EST.

In general Keynotes start right in the morning. I’ll probably have it running in the background and keep an eye out for any crazy moments to scalp on.

Keynote is tomorrow at 8:00 AM PDT. Today has had some good opportunities for scalping, but everything has been correlated with SPY. I’ll be looking at what tomorrow morning brings during the keynote.

I got calls I got this morning. I’m holding overnight. 3x 3/25 267.50.

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I opened a put credit spread for 3/25: STO 270p, BTO 260p.

Overall the keynote seemed like it had numerous positive announcements, but the stock price was meh compared to previous GTCs. Nvidia just had 5 green days so maybe the lead up to it a few days prior was the better play.

Also, it has been SPY correlated heavily, but bouncing off that 262 support regularly. So take what you will from that.

I’ll be eyeing possibly more scalp opportunities if they arise, but current climate makes me tread lightly.

Well this morning was a surprise. Honestly I am surprised of how NVDA climbed so quickly. Given there was more or less consolidation during the main parts of GTC, maybe this is just a delayed reaction of the news? SPY definitely helps tremendously. NVDA is now at a fairly big resistance at this 278ish area. Not touching it for awhile now. Cheers to all that got in, I missed this morning outright. Going to archive this thread as GTC is more or less over.

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