Oh god not another one…EVTL potential low float

Most likely a pump and dump, but could be one of these situations where the Reddit pump creates a ramp for the next couple months. Size of float needs confirming.



This is interesting, doesn’t show the usual signs that lead me to believe it is a just a pump. One thing to note is the OP on reddit - chances are they already made out.

It is worth keeping an eye on, but since it seems be an FD play and they are up a considerable amount on a short week - it might just be too late…


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I grabbed a couple Cheap $10 calls for the pure lotto / gamble - I fully expect to loss money on them but a lotto is a lotto

This one is weird.

!float command shows 38M shares.

Yahoo Finance says 209M shares outstanding but the float as only 29K. Might be a typo as 10% of 209M is 20.9M.

Either way, whether the float is 3.8M (10% of 38M) or 20.9M (10% of 209M), 410K shares in OI is tiny in comparison and not noteworthy.

This was only a quick look to try and find the float. I didn’t attempt to go through any legal documents and whatnot.

On top of that, the OP’s obvious choice to not include the actual float number in his DD is, in my opinion, an apparent attempt at misdirection coupled with his focus on “90%”. As well as only having a zoomed in screenshot of half of the sentence that contains the 90% claim with a big red circle around the number.

It’s also currently dumping. -17% on open currently.

I’d steer clear. Reeks of a pump to me.


ended up selling those for a $10 loss was a fun play - but figured cut it early