OnlyFans - The Next Big SPAC Play? VYGG

News dropped yesterday that OnlyFans has been meeting with prospective SPACs in an effort to go public. While there may be concerns about how much more growth OF can achieve, they are a legitimate company that has already seen succes. And according to @anon59732070, a connoisseur, they offer more than just porn. Giving a platform to firearms instruction, self defense, etc.

Still, would investors shy away, due to the issues OF had with the banking sector recently?

More to cum on this I’m sure, but there was discussion on TF this morning, wanted to put it on the forums so it’s not lost.


Yes indeed! There is more to Onlyfans than well oiled chads doing unimpressive sex to their uninterested significant other.

It’s also popular for topics such as work outs, training, collectors, cooking, recipes, bartending, art, gaming, etc.

It’s become the staple of easily monetizing all types of content. Just providing this information as many people seem to not be aware it’s not just tiddies and big fat dicks.


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Found this Reddit post on r/SPACs on a super speculative rumourmill merger: VYGG x OnlyFans

VYGG has two notable board members for this merger:

  • Justin Kan - founder of
  • Steve Huffman - CEO of Reddit

Twitch and Reddit have some relation to OnlyFans in terms of their social media platform and business, and Reddit with having pornographic content.

The DD also goes into super conspiracy theory ideas regarding cryptic tweets from Justin Kan on the same day as the news came out that OnlyFans has been in talks with SPACs.

Have a read:

Article on OnlyFans decision to restrict adult content and then their U-turn: Why Did OnlyFans Reverse Its Ban on Sexual Content? | Time


I follow Justin Kan and he occasionally uses his platform to talk about what he has learned as an entrepreneur. Those tweets are just him sharing his experience. Yeah, this goes deep conspiracy theory. It appears the warrants have run up as well possibly by these posts so if you want to play this, commons would be safer with the nav floor. Of course if they actually do go with VYGG, these warrants would be high reward, but this spac also has a deadline in Sept so warrants would go to 0 if they do not find a target or they bleed down until the deadline with no news.

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I took some VYGG - June $10c for .10ea as a lotto on this reddit thread

There is a rumor on reddit that it’s $THCA (it was presented as a low float similar to ESSC), threads in question:

That seems like a blatant attempt to pump THCA further.

lmfao , not DD but funny


Another SPAC speculation with OnlyFans. UTAA

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I’ll give a $25 gift card to whoever figures out the correct SPAC. Happy hunting. :pepepray:




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SIMP assuming that’s a spac


Is THOT a ticker

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If the options are cheap, I’ll take a position in this tomorrow as another lotto/run up on “rumor” news and see if it plays out. I have VYGG June at .10, see if I can’t get into these hopefully just about as cheap, this is interesting

Edit: damn…no options

LMAO why not both?!

DD on OnlyFans being VYGG and UTAA


Guessing Ipod & IGAC - for the sole purpose of random luck

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UTAA has seen some action in today’s After-hours trading session with some retards buying some shares at $12.50 on a spac without a DA, LOI, or even a credible rumor. It looks like this sudden interest in the spac is due to speculation that UTAA may be the spac that is chosen to take Onlyfans public.

Here is the link to the DD on r/spacs: Reddit - Dive into anything

Some interesting tidbits:

  • Jaime Sharp is on the management team of UTAA and is also the EVP of Onlyfans - LinkedIn

  • Spac states that they are “targeting a company operating in the gaming, digital media, creator economy, entertainment and technology industries.”

  • Trust is only 200 million so would need a large PIPE

No options on this spac :slight_smile:
Don’t fomo into warrants please


I can’t do warrants on Robinhood in my swing account, so I decided to pick up 500 commons of UTAA, now holding VYGG options + UTAA commons. I can’t say if I’ll continue holding them for quite a while, the opportunity cost is significantly higher than VYGG options, but I’ll hold onto them for now, or unless I need the capital to trade with in this account.

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