Open Trading Discussion (VC Meeting) 05/03 @ 8pm

This is for discussion and thoughts on topics for the Open Trading Discussion. This is similar to the nights we’ve had the past couple weeks where we’re discussing serious trading topics but this week is going to be in the open voice chat channel instead of a stage channel.

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I would like to suggest we discuss the effect of a possible US default on debt limit. Yellen was stressing the point today (May 1) that this could occur by the end of May or shortly thereafter. I would like to discuss when the market may pay attention to this and begin to price it in, or if it is possible that its already priced in and they don’t care? And I suppose the market may feel it won’t happen and be resolved as it always has been. I see signs it won’t be and will be a very messy situation with a default very likely before it is resolved.
Seems like a topic we should discuss.


I’d like to hear any thoughts on the ongoing Bitcoin miner play that we’ve had. I’ve only been in the latest round so I’m not best to speak on it, really just would like to hear a specific swing play discussed to see how others may see it.