Open Trading Discussion VC Night 05/24/23

Put agenda suggestions here.

This VC Night will have a discussion related to dev, specifically discussion of the new planned Discord-first direction and some of the further enhancements I’m planning surrounding that.

Secondarily we’ll be discussing a return to “Challenge Mode” and what that looks like.

Additionally, we’ll be further discussing regional bank opportunities, macro outlook and more.

Those in <@&847167213601292339> tier if you could make sure you RSVP to the event linked above so I know who is coming it would be much appreciated.

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Hello bb Conq. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. Sounds like some great changes on the Horizon for Valhalla. Hope everyone else can make it :heart:

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You can count on my attending.

I’m a maybe, stepson having surgery today.

Can not make it as usual because of timezone

Just wondering, how far off are you timezone wise? As in since we’re doing weekly meetings, it would be possible to stagger the times of them.

EST+6, so difficult during the week as I have early mornings working with AsiaPac

Sleep is highly overrated.

On another note, I completely understand on times. Us being based in the USA make its rough on you. Hope you are able to attend. And maybe more coffee and less tea :slight_smile:

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I should be there tonight

Probably on the road tonight but Ill probably listen in

I’ll be listening in and smoking my jay <:patheticallybearish:1103013289262325840> :spades:

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I think I’m going to be able to make it. My kid has spring sports awards. But should least be able to be on while heading home.


hoping to make it tonight, but I won’t know until just beforehand <:pepepray:930324508018106448>

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No way am I missing this one now <:kekw:923797443471081503>

If you did you’re dead to me