Options Pricing Model & Risk Free Greek Modeling

I have taken the liberty to create two excel spreadsheets for this community, so that they can see exactly how to calculate options pricing models and see how the move in relation to American vs Euro options, call vs put, volatity, binomial vs black Scholes, and the Greeks. The hedging shows you how to create a trade and dramatically reduce your risk tolerance and overall exposure. Included in these excel docs are examples.

I understand that this may be slightly more advanced than most are willing to go, but it is important that we as a community continue to learn and advance our trading so that we may maximize our profits while limiting our exposure.

Black-Scholes Greeks.xlsx (19.2 KB)
Hedging_Risk_Free.xlsx (18.5 KB)


Thanks, this is going to be very useful to me

Thanks for putting together. Will spend some of my workday checking this out tomorrow. Kudos!