Overall Update 1 - Two Months In $6,561.27 +556%

Obviously I’ve fallen off the diligent reporting that I’d started out with but I wanted to take a second and provide a simply update to the progress of the challenge account. Below is the performance up until this point, the account was started on February 7th and two months have now passed us by:

It’s been a wild two months since we kicked off the challenge with SENS and ASTR. The account had a meteoric climb and a pretty abrupt fall over the course of the first month and while that can be disheartening, things happen. As I said in my RSX reflection post, it’s not a loss that anyone can really blame themselves for and I mirror that sentiment in how I view my own challenge account. But, what I am proud of reflecting on my progress thus far is something that is kinda easy to miss; I haven’t blown up the account and I’m still considerably farther than when I started. Here’s some quick facts about the challenge performance thus far (amounts are adjusted for the 2k debit I made and put back):

Highest Closing Amount: $14,635.79 +1,363%

March 7th, 2022
Just before the halt of RSX, the account hit it’s peak at just under 15K. It’s unfortunate because I was very focused on and excited to activate margin and start day trading for real and it was seemingly stolen from us, but alas, I’m incredible proud of this gain since it occurred entirely on stream and alongside all of you. While the overall challenge has the very lofty goal of turning 1K into 1M, I’m still incredibly proud of this feat on its own.

Lowest Closing Amount: $4,334.69 +333%

March 21st, 2022
And fittingly our lowest close has come after the removal of both RSX & OZON options contracts from the account. If I’m being honest, I’m potentially even prouder of this statistic than I am of the “account high”. One of the things that I harp on most in trading is the ability to “hover” and how important it is to not only be able to make gains, but to be able to stave off losses as well and I feel as though I have demonstrated that throughout the challenge thus far. While debate can be had over position sizing, at the end of the day, the account has remained through the entirety of the challenge thus far up and whole. If I hadn’t recovered a dime past this figure, I’d still be overjoyed with the progress of this account and the fact that we’re on our way up again is just icing on the cake.

Highest Single Day Gain on Account: +85%

From $4,648.79 to $8,516.34 on March 28th, 2022
Meme stocks baby.

Largest Loss on Account from ATH: -70%

From $14,635.79 to $4,334.69 between March 7th, 2022 and March 21st, 2022
Fuck CBOE & VanEck.

Average Dollar Amount Made Per Week: $820

We’ve averaged an impressive $820 per week in profit thus far meaning our average weekly gain on initial investment is about 82%.

Time to Completion at Current Performance

I’m going to preface with what should be obvious… this is purely for fun lol. However, if we take a look at the table below:

If the current performance of the challenge account at this point in time is maintained, the account would theoretically hit goal between 3-4 months from now around July 19th, 2022.

Taking a look at this challenge, despite the ups and downs, I’m still incredibly proud that we chose to take this on. I’m proud of the account, the performance and of the community for all the positivity and help that has been shown and given over these past two months. After a little bit of a reset I’m getting excited about this challenge again and I’m excited to resume our push to goal. I think as we’re in this stage of gearing back up to push again, everyone should take a look at their own accounts and see what has gone right and what has gone wrong. I think I’ll make a post about my own assessment soon as well.

Thanks to everyone again especially for the patience as I’ve dealt with the hits I’ve taken and some of the my personal stuff that has made me a little less active than normal. Here’s to another 550% two months from now! :cheers:


What a ride! Here’s to another insane two months :slight_smile:

Appreciate all of this!


Why not a million yet


Great post and reflection!

I’ve been reflecting each day as well and it has helped me move forward better!

I appreciate you all !!


Great work! really appreciate it
and fuck CBOE & VanEck


July, huh?

Starts Lambo shopping.


Do 1 million to 100 million next.


Thanks, Conq!


All jokes aside, my challenge account is a good bit lower than yours, and today was the first time it felt like I probably need to add capital to be able to keep up. I wasn’t able to average down because my buying power wasn’t there. I’ve been reluctant to add cash, but it seems like it’ll be too easy to fall further and further behind.


Thank you for doing this, it has been really great to see the process. I’m excited to start following along when I have more funds for myself.


Incredible performance Conq, and developing tools so we can check your activity and balances at any time, love the transparency and lessons learned.


This is something that I’ve thought about a lot and a problem that I think will only get somewhat greater with time unfortunately.

One of the things that I’m best at as a trader is loss mitigation, trading back losses or turning losing trades green through averaging down. However, a lot of that isn’t translating to the accounts of people who are following the challenge for three main reasons:

  1. They’re not following my buys and sells exactly (and they aren’t expected to).
  2. They’re playing other plays outside of the challenge on their own.
  3. They’re taking expirations and strikes that aren’t in line with my selections and their position sizing isn’t reflective of mine.

When all these things come into play, it means that most “challenge accounts” will likely always be a bit off in balance from mine, some to the upside and some to the downside. For those that are losing pace with my account, there is absolutely going to be an issue with being able to “properly follow” my trades as my position sizings scale with my account and I am willing to average down to a greater extent than most are probably used to.

Solutions to this aren’t really clear cut, but two suggestions I think I can make are either:

  1. “Top up” your challenge account to match my account the best you can. This is not advised for people that cannot afford to do so (as in money you could set fire to and not miss). However, provided you have the ability, I would suggest bumping your account up so that my trades are more accessible to you.
  2. Be more selective of the trades you take from the challenge. If you have an account that is not close to the same balance as mine (or above), you cannot take every trade I make. If you attempt to do so you’ll find yourself unable to average in and down into positions in the same fashion as I do and the end result will be that you’ll likely still be red on trades that I’m exiting green. So, what you should do is only take trades with a contract pricing that you can buy between 5-10 of with 3 being probably the absolute minimum. While you’ll still be unable to keep pace with my account (hopefully lol), you will still follow the upward movement and eventually there will be a point of equilibrium where I’m taking plays and position sizes that you’re able to take part in despite the difference in total balance.

I’ve considered knocking the challenge back down to 1K and “starting again” but I’d find it hard to get motivated if I did that unfortunately. Hopefully this offered some clarity. :pepepray:


I guess this goes back to the streaming element as well. If one is observing closely and using a booktrader, (I use IBKR Trade Workstation which sucks but helped me keep track quicker), then it is easier to follow you in toe. I was almost on point with you until I decided to take some of my own trades and fell behind a $1000 or so… very dumb. Nevertheless, keep up the great work


Im gonna move more money in and try to stay apace with Conq. One of my biggest regrets is missing the start date, but its still early enough to catch up by topping up.

The US market opens at 2:30pm here in the UK, so i get my work done early then spend the afternoons watching Conq’s stream and trades. Keep up the good work Conq.


For me the challenge is not about keeping up. That’s is completely unreasonable. It’s about learning and the lessons provided from feedback i your posts. As well as reflecting as to why I lost, instead of blaming anyone but myself!

I don’t want to be reliable on you for ever but I can not express the greatfullness of the lessons and strategies learning by being here!


This community is incredible. I hope to have some money soon to join the challenge with you all. Good luck everyone…see you soon.