Performance of Forum Plays

I am wondering if we should start to track the performance of plays that are mentioned in the Forum. The reason why this could be helpful is to demonstrate the opportunities of past plays and measure our self as well. This would require a defined entry, stop and target exit point…otherwise it will be hard to measure. Happy to start working on this if the community thinks that’s a good idea.


I thought the same not too long ago and didn’t know this was already a suggestion so i’ll just copy and paste my feedback to re up this and maybe expand a little more. Its super rambly tho but the gist is the same.

!feedback I thought it might be useful to find some sort of gauge on % success of forums plays. Not necessarily intraday callouts but our more well hashed out play. Was thinking about this the last week then the turbo asked about the carmax play today in the most autistic way possible lol. I don’t think it should track a person because sometimes plays don’t work and obviously people get better so if I had x amount of posts and they all tanked that might make me feel like shit even if they were good plays “in theory”. That being said, since the forums are our own version of reddit…there is a lot of good shit on there…and some not so great. Obviously way better than reddit overall but in my mind im imagining calculating a percent win/loss in a certain timeframe. Not quite sure what the criteria would be but thats why this is just a suggestion. I’m thinking whether its earnings or just a random dd or gamma squeeze, take say, all the plays posted about in a month for example. After it’s all said and done look at which ones were “winners” based on the criteria, whatever that may be (got in a certain dollar range and cut within certain days?) Take the winners and lump them together in a post so we can better understand what was correct about the dd and any current evens/overall market that might have affected or saved it so we can know if it was a good play or luck. Similarly, take the plays that didn’t work out and lumped in a post maybe we can look back and say “oh we missed this heres why” or maybe something in the world happened that made the market tank or shoot up and took x stock with it.

I think the overall reason i’ve thought about this is going back to the challenge. Whether people learned or not if they blindly followed each trade they’d still be up a lot. If you pick and chose theres a chance you could be way up or way down. Your choice who cares. I think doing this in the forums takes out the dependency and not learning because you could go revisit plays and see the dd if you didn’t join and the aftermath and why. Sometimes I will see people say x play fucked them or they made great money. Whatever the case after that its usually done. I don’t really think about past plays besides crazy ones like essc lol. I know we have the hall of fame category but its just to archive them it seems. I’m more suggesting lumping those together. Those being successful plays but also the ones that didn’t work out. I wouldn’t want them associated with any person which is why I think lumping them together in a certain timeframe might be more appropriate and helpful. If anything might just be a good learning tool but its a suggestion cause with anything i’m sure this whole idea could turn into negatives. Hopefully this is a helpful suggestion or gets another idea brewing. To sum up maybe a “for the month of may there were x amount of plays and x% were successful. Heres a wins post and a losses post. Lets explore any similarities”


The forums are ideas and thoughts or information that could potentially play out they aren’t scalps or day trades. They can be at some times. However I feel like people share their input one way or another and then we as adults decide wether we are going to make that play or not. Same can be said to the challenge alerts or server plays at some point some accountability needs to be taken upon yourself not rely on someone else’s info or theory etc.

Yes it’s always nice for someone to call out support or resistance or give you some dd on something about to happen or happening however at the end of the day it’s all our decision wether we hit buy or when we hit sell. Don’t wholly think we need a “scorecard” for who proved the most useful information. Essentially it’s all our choices to get in or out when we so choose. I don’t ever post anything I am not willing to do myself. That’s all that matters. I absolutely despise posting something that lost other peoples money. I will happily without s doubt lose mine sometimes but when others are at risk it hurts more than anything.


RIght, maybe I didn’t articulate it well enough, but you said you don’t think we need a scorecard for who provided the most useful information and I agree. Thats why I just said any given play in a month, for example. Don’t want or care for names to be associated with anything unless they wanted it to be. This was just more of an idea for more in depth learning after the fact because whether it was wins/losses, good/bad or indifferent. And I touched on it in my suggestion before “bad” doesn’t necessarily mean it was shit dd, rather it just could have been the market going balistic in either way which was not expected so this was not meant to say people need a scorecard. Just thought it would be interesting to have some sort of percentage indicator on a certain time frame, not individual basis, since there are a lot of posts to try to keep up with.

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