Possible bullish momentum for Tesla?

** Possible bullish momentum for Tesla ?:**

TSLA - EV stock monster **
**I have been reading a lot about Tesla lately and there have been some bullish catalysts that I believe can make the stock run. Of course, the market is a roller coaster of emotions right now so any news can screw over catalysts/technicals, but I thought I would share my thoughts. Over the weekend, quarter one Tesla delivery numbers were released and it looks like they posted 312,000 sales in what Musk called an “exceptionally difficult quarter.” This is up 68% from Q1 2021. Regarding the chip shortage, it was stated that

“The global computer chip shortage has bedeviled nearly all automakers, but Tesla seems to have dealt with the shortages better than the rest of the industry. Wedbush analysts said they believe 20,000 to 25,000 sales that would have happened in the first quarter have now been pushed into the second quarter due to supply and logistics issues.”

Tesla has also been approved for a grand opening ceremony for up to 15,000 people at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas this week on April 7th.

I know this is not much but I think these are positive catalysts that may be enough to move to stock in a bullish way. Again, as I stated earlier, the market is uncertain now so things can change very quickly so please do your own research and DD before taking a position.

Feel free to add anything you may find useful :slight_smile:

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I’ve also linked some articles down below if anyone wanted to take a quick read:



I agree. This leans TSLA bullish for Monday, and likely gives SPY a bit of a tug as well.

On top of this, there were headlines of advancing peace talks between Russia and Ukraine which should give SPY a push.

On the other hand though, there were also headlines of continued escalation and war crimes, and also COVID spikes in UK and China which affect supply chain resolution.

Overall TSLA should probably have more individual momentum and will likely outperform SPY on Monday, I think.

Info on TSLA numbers here: Tesla Back to the 1000's? - #20 by Kevin

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thank you for your insight Kevin!

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Last time TSLA reported their vehicle delivers, I’m pretty sure it was a red day for SPY yet TSLA ran like a banshee. I’m sure we will see a gap up PM and some good upwards movement for at least most of the morning tomorrow.


Yes I was trying to see how the market reacted when they released Q4 2021 earnings but wasn’t sure if I was looking at the correct date. If I was looking at the right one, it looks like Tesla went up about 10%.

The report also notes the sales are under expectations. Something to note is the China factory was shut down due to covid and that’s likely to affect future guidance. I don’t think this news in the aggregate is bullish. It’s neutral at best with other factors put in. Keep in mind last time that Tesla report about record sales came out, it gapped up then bled all week. Just my 2c.

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Last quarter they reported production numbers on Sunday, Jan 2nd… Look what happened to the stock on Monday, Jan 3rd. +13.53%

*Not financial advice… but hot damn!

I found the CNBC article from last quarter:


Squishy. Thank you so much for doing this DD and putting it on the forums! This is great. I just want to provide a word of caution from my own personal experience of playing TSLA. TSLA often runs for no reason or runs the opposite way of how it should. And options are super expensive. I would just suggest folks exercise caution before entering into a TSLA position, particularly with how volatile SPY has been lately.


For context, the previous bullish delivery update was on January 2.

TSLA gapped up from 1057 to 1150 and ran that day, then bled afterwards.

On Monday I could see it gapping up, possibly dumping for a morning dip then continuing up, but generally bullish for the day.

Personally I won’t be trading TSLA with how expensive and volatile the options get. However, I am inherently bullish for SPY on Monday, and will probably trade SPY/AAPL, with having TSLA bullishness in the back of my mind serving as a bullish tug for the market.


I’d like to add a piece of information that was passed along during one of our internal meetings at Ford since we seem to benchmark TSLA for everything they do. in the month of March, the premium segment for all SUV / Utility sales dropped by 29% while TSLA sales grew by 50% (J.D. Power)

Seeing that TSLA continues to grow exponentially when compared to the segment. I could see this becoming something for TSLA. as Phil said though, TSLA does TSLA things.


I was interested in this as well and it seems like the Q2 and Q3 2021 delivery numbers had a significant gap up during PM and then had a large pump at open before dumping. Q2 was July 2 while Q3 was October 2nd. I’m personally just gonna play the morning dip and the pump and exit as soon as possible and be done for the day. I don’t know how SPY will be so I’d rather just play the TSLA trend for at least the open.

Or you could just play the put side, but TSLA could just run like in the Q4 numbers as well and with how good these numbers are, I wouldn’t doubt that TSLA just runs all day again, especially with how TSLA will most likely be above 1100, causing more fomo and leading to another run to the 1200s.

Q2 2 hour chart - we can see a large pump before a huge dick down

Q3 1 hour chart - large pump at open before a huge dick down.


Sooo… News dropped that Elon took a 9.2% stake in Twitter this morning and it’s up like 25%… That news might take the center stage today as TSLA doesn’t seem to be doing much.

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He wants his freedom of speech and was gonna have his own social media. He probably figured why not buy Twitter out, I have a feeling that this won’t be it and he will be buying until his the majority share holder.

Shanghai plant still closed today… Tesla’s Shanghai Plant Remains Closed. The Shutdown Has Lasted Longer Than Expected.

I took a 04.14.22 $1000p as a hedge against spy, and because this is up into a resistance point along with its been on a 50% run since 3 weeks ago. Literally took this position and 15 minutes late my Aunt who works at Tesla Austin Gigafactory sent me some pictures of what looks to be Tesla Semi from the floor of the factory. I took my position because of TA, and not really because of headlines.

Has the Tesla semi-truck been a part of the recent upward movement over the last 3 weeks?

Edit 04.06 - Closed this put today as it retraced under 1060

Elon speaking at 9 PM Texas time https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1511939175934742531

When Thursday night?

Here’s a link to see a speed-through! - YouTube

I was there watching, I don’t follow enough to know if anything’s news-worthy, but there was talk of production this year with a ramp up to a million+ vehicles max production per year and then in 2023 he had talked about new things will be released, specifically he talked about the roadster, truck and semi…

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TLDR: TSLA is on the verge of a huge pullback if it breaks below the 1025 level

Looking at TSLA 1 hour, it’s bounced off the 1025 level 3 times now and is on the death bed basically. Bulls are struggling to push it back to the 1100 level again. RSI is showing bearishness and the daily is also bearish as we had a doji the day before and now a red candle, showing that TSLA probably chose down for the time being.

Looking at the volume indicator, we can see that there’s basically no volume from the 1000-940 level. Usually I would say that 1000 would be the critical level, but looking at how 1025 held, I would say that 1025 is the key level for now. If that breaks, 1000 is next and then if 1000 breaks, it’s a free fall back to the 940’s. I’m personally going to play puts to 1000 if 1025 breaks on Monday and then to 940 if 1000 breaks.