Profit / Loss Tracking Sheets in Excel

I thought it might be useful to have a thread discussing or showing examples - of different ways to track performance over time. Some might have advanced online tools, some might use their broker’s tools, and some excel. I attached a sample spreadsheet - that is by no means very good and needs a bit of work but I hope it gets the conversation started.

How do you track? Do you spilt up - Lotto’s / Wheels / Scalps - Gambles?

S T Sheet.xlsx (11.5 KB)

My Trading Journal (Excel Spreadsheet) - by Stock
Pretty Decent Spreadsheet for tracking each trade - Esp if you choose not to post them online in the forums.
TradingJournal.xls (199.5 KB)

I like the idea of a spreadsheet to track trades and performance, since sometimes the broker doesn’t display this data very well. However, the manual work and diligence that needs to go in to maintain accuracy is what turns me off.

Are there any automation tools that exist that would automatically integrate your trades into a spreadsheet? That would be super useful in my opinion but I really haven’t looked into it. I just use my broker’s tools.

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There are some outside of broker tools, but I don’t use them - I just don’t like the idea of sharing the data that way personally, it can be a bit of the pain in the ass to enter it all, sometimes if I am at work or on mobile, I just use the email notifications to enter it all in later in the evening. I think a lot of does come down to broker, ie TA might be a better than say Robin Hood - but each has their favorite.

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