Profiting from political financial disclosures for fun let’s call it the Pelosi tracker

Today I was reading about our current speaker of the house disclosure that she was 5M deep in NVDA a few short hours later she threw here support behind the 50b chips act. Which we all know will inevitably benefit NVDA wether it’s 1b or 10b they will move even if they don’t receive a dollar.

My first thoughts were how appalling it is that duly elected officials can use bills/stimulus packages they know are in the works to profiteer from it. And just as disclaimer it’s appalling wether it’s Nancy pumping semiconductors or Ted Cruz throwing out some stimmy to drill for oil in deep Texas.

The point of this thread is to better track these disclosures and the introduction and support of the bills or introduction of them that follows shortly after.

For example at 10 AM yesterday Pelosi disclosed a large position in NVDA Share price at that point was roughly 149. Since that moment it is currently up about 6 percent now we did have bull rally today however There is a strong likelihood this chips act gets passed when the vote happens. It’s simply not a coincidence.

What I am proposing is we utilize the same efforts to track political financial disclosures as much as we do insider sells and buys etc.

This isn’t mean to be political discussion thread. More so another aspect we can get ahead of the curve and keep an eye on these. I don’t have the first clue where to look for these disclosures but definitely think it’s something that could be ahead of the game.


Unusual Whales does a pretty good job tracking trades made by members of the House and Senate, and the SC judges: Unusual Whales

It’s all rather obscene, and crosses party lines.

The actual data for the Senate is from:

Not sure where the House data is.


In regards to the semiconductor bill…

The most vocal companies that would be benefiting that have said they will build fabs in the US if the bill passes are Intel (INTC) & Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM). I believe Samsung is also in the mix, but they are on a foreign exchange.

Other stocks I’ve noticed that have been getting some pump are:

Nvidia (NVDA)
GlobalFoundries (GFS)
ON Semiconductor (ON)
Qualcomm (QCOM)
United Micro (UMC)
Marvell (MRVL)
Broadcom (AVGO)

You can just hedge against them all and play SOXL (3x leverage but low $/share) or SOXX (regular but high $/share)


Thanks @The_Ni from what I can find. Looks like you have to actually search the representatives by name to find out their disclosures. Here.

Moderately a bunch of bullshit when there are so many of them.

Looks like Tommy Tuberville has been bullish as hell on PYPL over the last several months.

@TheMadBeaker sitting on some AMD calls I should have cut Friday up but thought I’d ride the chip train. Hopefully we can keep monitoring this to make some money for ourselves.


I wonder if they know when China takes Taiwan.


It’s unfortunate that we are spending so much money, especially in the current economic environment. But America isn’t really competitive compared to other countries where labor is cheaper and they already have the talent and knowledge for semiconductor production.

Simple fact is, if this bill doesn’t pass then those fabs will likely be built in Korea and / or Taiwan.

We need to have some cutting edge fabs here in the US, if for no other reason than national security. I think Congress finally sees that with all the aggressions China has been making against Taiwan lately, even if it is all just for show… (or is it?)


This reminds me of something I saw linked somewhere a while back called Quiver Quant, haven’t dug too much into them, seems a bit meme-y in some places, but they have scrapers for House/Senate trades as well…I don’t think anything deeper than already’s been posted, but it has a nice UI, if they catch the disclosures quick could be worth watching? They don’t have any Buy/Sell dates listed though, just the disclosure dates (would be especially nice if Congress had to disclose as they bought, but sounds like they have 45 days to file their trade disclosures, because of course they do :neutral_face:)


So it does look like some procedural vote passed yesterday evening on the semiconductor bill… Any headway is positive

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Soxl, amd, and nvda gave back most of their ah and pm gains. Will be watching these closely today.

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