$PROG - manipulative insider shorting or just another Reddit ticker that’s riling up the crowd?

Ticker: PROG
Description of why you are requesting DD: Make sense of short squeeze / gamma squeeze possibility and if this is a real play with legs, or a Reddit superstonk conspiracy.
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis: https://www.reddit.com/r/Shortsqueeze/comments/q45755/the_short_story_of_prog_how_a_majority/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

There’s a lot of hair around this one but it’s being talked about on a lot of various subreddits (not WSB because it’s micro cap). The theory is summed up in the thread linked above. Requires a lot of assumptions and somewhat tin-foil hatty, but trying to make sense of it. Would love the group’s take. Apologies if this is a completely horrible take lol - I am trying to learn and thought I’d add some activity to the forum while I’m at it.

Here’s another relevant DD link: https://www.reddit.com/r/MillennialBets/comments/q5uhts/prog_why_its_the_easiest_shortsqueeze_with/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

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I am no expert but at this point, I would say it is a great scalp play if you don’t mind the risk - (there is quite a bit) but nothing more.

It popped $2 on OCT 4th and than shoot back down - I fear most of the hype might be bag holders trying to find an exit.

Personally not invested in this anymore it’s just an extremely risky play. Do you own DD and take profits when you can. Way too many people have been burned by prog in the past.

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Not an expert.

The people spamming the ticker are fking annoying, but after reading the DDs I don’t think the theories are too far-fetched. I don’t have my own extensive DD or anything else to add. I’m in on the play.


I realized gain yesterday. Not at the peak, but 2.38 was nice % (small position, but gain is gain) Thinking about buying again some shares at 2.0, but that’s only betting there’s hype left

This is what I see in the chart (with my hopium), of course it can go in the other direction (downwards).

4 Hour Chart, Bollinger Bands looking to tighten up for a possible squeeze (again, either way).
Next 2 zones are October 29th and Novembe 18.
It’s already trying to break through the wedge, right after I drafted the Fib Extension.
Looks to be a bullish wedge, obviously, but we’ll see.

*Full Disclosure, I only have 300shares as current position.
*As always, I play Calls/Puts depending on the Momentum, News, and Chart bias.

If only I had put up a position when I posted this… fuck lol


Done that many times. lolz
It’s far from over anyway :slight_smile:

Here’s an update to the Daily Candles chart…
MACD confirms continued positive momentum,
RSI shows it’s once again oversold, expect minor pullback?


This thing keeps on printing…

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Today on the 1min chart…

Final update for today’s 1min…

And hey, October hasn’t ended yet, but it already Squeezed the Shorts 3 times!

Shorts keep coming back piling again, right after each squeeze. Good stuff.

Latest Ortex data, requested by Carver…

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Thank you for sharing this!

You started the PROG thing in the server bro. Thank you.


brandomango and Balu, check this out…

Here’s the actions so far in October… again, 3 (all 3 Types per Ortex) Short Squeezes in 1 month…

Now the possible daily extension adjusted accordingly… (no guarantees as usual)

Resistances and support per Barchart (short version)…

and the long version of that…

It’s frog leaping, I guess… (yet again)

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Thanks for all the info in here. Been scalping this since it was .88. Rexxar, any insight or update to what you’re seeing?

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Glad to know you’re cashing in on this too.

I will be moving my thoughts to a proper Analysis thread, watch out for it today.

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