PSFE - Oversold Swing Play

Hey everyone,

PSFE (Paysafe) looks like an appealing swing play to me. Q4 Earnings were released this week and the stock price dropped a whopping 42%.

Overall, estimates were missed including sales of $354M (forecasts were $370M), and it’s overall outlook for year 2021 was revised to the down-side.

However, a recovery looks inevitable to me based on the stock’s history of recovering after earnings reports since its SPAC days. Perhaps others have some input on this.

I believe this can reasonably swing to $5.50-$5.75, and I hold 4.9k shares.


Thanks for the call out took a position at 4.24 looking to secure profits at 10%.

Edit: Went ahead and closed out before closing at 4.48 not the full 10% but id rather not gamble AH or Monday.

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They have a lot of debt from what I understand. High debt stocks might get crushed if bad news about Jpow comes out in the next few days.

I almost jumped in yesterday with the drop but I’ve had really bad luck recently buying stocks that dump after earnings, especially when they already lower their expectations moving forward. Clearly, could have already made some profits and more may be on the horizon, but my recent experience specifically with Duck Creek have me nervous to buy into PSFE.