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The monthly.

Back into its range that it was in for a whole year, even when day trading these levels are important because you have to remember what is happening on the higher timeframes.

If you want to have a higher win rate try to trade the trend.

Fuck if I know what direction it’s going to pick, but the probability of a trade working out at key levels goes up significantly. Even when intraday trading I try to only trade the top and bottom of a consolidation range.

Same price action happens on every timeframe, breakthrough back tests etc.


Im going to treat paypal as the lead in the sector to set tempo. Then im using affirm for bear direction and upstart as bull direction. Summary is pick underpeformer and top performer in the sector with paypal as lead to set tempo. Personally paypal seems off since their earnings they stated that the consumer was weak but the banks have stated otherwise. So either paypal is an underperformer or they lowballed their forecast to beat expectations. Someting doesnt match with paypal vs big banks forecast

Very low today, gonna monitor it for both bear shit since earnings are next week, and boomer shit

Funny enough I just got an email from one of my monthly services I pay for. Basically they stated they are switching to Stripe on 5/1 because PayPal is increasing their rates for each transaction.

So, not sure if bullish on Paypal for raising rates, or bearish because people can go to the competition that is cheaper.

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