[Reddit DD] TDOC potential new customers DD

This isn’t my DD, it’s from u/nsomani on Reddit. I looked through it and it seems interesting, so I’m posting it here.

I was inspired by this legendary post where a user predicted the Amazon-Affirm partnership:
I wrote a scraper to hit URLs like Amazon.com for thousands of companies in the NASDAQ. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a handful of pages newly popping up on Teladoc’s website:
Teladoc Medical Experts made available by Google | Teladoc Health®

Teladoc Medical Experts made available by Apple | Teladoc Health®

Healthcare and medical advice by phone, video or app | Teladoc Health®

You can see that none of these pages existed before on Wayback Machine: Wayback Machine

I’m not sure what it means but it looks like they are actively growing their Expert Medical Opinion service, but nothing has been written about it online yet.

Next I made this post on Blind, an anonymous forum for employees at different companies to ask questions. It looks like none of the companies offer Teladoc to their employees yet (though Google offers LiveHealth): Do Apple, Google, or Microsoft offer telemedicine as a benefit? - Blind so I’m imagining the partnerships are still underway.

They’re reporting earnings on Oct. 27th. I could see these partnerships being announced either around then or in the following weeks if that’s what’s going on. In the meantime I’ve bought $TDOC 155c 1/21: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


I am pretty sure the employee’s have access to teledoc through their care providers but as always I may be wrong.


I agree. I’m not quite sure this is a “new development”. But worth further research should anyone feel motivated.


Both companies I’ve worked for in the last 5 years have had TD through our health insurance. But I’m still going to look into this DD and the stock.


This would honestly be all that’s needed. If they had it at any point, these pages are likely just for new enrollments in the existing agreements and not indicative of any “new customers”.

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Just some quick googling, but it appears that Google Cloud is invested in Amwell (Teladoc competitor). It looks to be for R&D purposes but wouldn’t Google prefer to use its partners for employee benefits? Amwell was called the “Best New Application in Telehealth” a few weeks ago.

@thots_and_prayers and @Conqueror maybe either of you have some insight?

Google chooses who they use for health insurance. They don’t likely have much hand in who that health insurance provider uses for telemed.


Ah okay makes sense thanks for the correction!


Has there been any further developments on this the uptrend broke. I can’t find anything on IBKR news scanner or google etc or was it just profit taking after a run?

I bought calls today at the bottom for earnings. Wish me luck haha

I personally don’t think it’s anything. I’m not knowledgeable enough on the company to play it otherwise.

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I looked at the 5-year chart and noticed that the current price somewhat close to the upward trendline before pandemic hit.

But now, I’m not sure because the daily upward trend looks like a pump-and-sell after the earnings. My call is up 25%. I wish they go sideways or do a little consolidation.

Without any significant catalyst, personally I see this heading back to the $120-130 area before we see some significant action. The stock appears to be behaving insomuch that its following a pretty consistent pattern.

Just some observations:

  • It ran from a support of 132 to 171 in June, representing a 29% increase, followed by a 29% decrease to 122 in October
  • This past run it has gone from 122 to 148, representing a 21% increase

If there is any gas left in this tank I dont think it will be much. I’d be hesitant of near-term PTs over $160 without a clear catalyst.

I dont know much about the stock and I did make a pretty penny off of an underpriced call today, but it looks like there’s more pain in this stock in the near future than gain.

Google has a partnership with One Medical.


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I’ve been keeping an eye on TDOC because I heard about this. TDOC is having an investor day on the 18th, where they will “offer key insights about the industry’s evolution and rapid growth as well as the company’s vision, strategy and outlook.”

Could be nothing, but they could also make an announcement confirming this DD. The web pages are still up and running, and TDOC has been drilling lately so FD calls are pretty cheap.