Remove Performance Award Roles

Title. Alternatively, change the qualifications, and here’s why:
Motherfuckers be out here holding 300% profits instead of selling so that they can have a different color name. It changes people’s risk evaluation. Maybe hurts them? Idk.
Also bring back #off-topic because #trading-floor has more problematic things posted in it than #off-topic ever did so that kindof a bullshit excuse. The people who used it for its purpose are the ones being punished.

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If you are holding life changing money so that you can get a colorful name on a discord server you have a serious problem.

Also off topic was removed for serious reasons because it was abused heavily in ways I don’t want to get into.


Allow me to state pretty clearly that this sounds like a demand and not a request and you do not demand anything from us.

It seems like you may be frustrated by how the week went and I think you would do well to go read the recent thread in #announcements and take a breather this weekend.

As for the requests, I’ll think about the reward roles over the weekend and off-topic is staying gone because weirdos were using it to talk about child porn and make creepy advances on women like it was the fucking dark web.


After revisiting this, I’ve decided to close our current profit/loss channel and will be announcing a rework of that concept along with updated performance award roles this week.