Replaying past trading days for papertrading?

I’m trying to practice TA, but instead of paper trading in real time, is there any tool that allows me to play a real-life date from the past as if it was happening right now? Basically, I don’t want to waste non-market hours and want to paper trade by dry-running things that have already happened. Like replaying an old day almost like a video but in a stocks app/chart?

Sorry, posted this reply in the wrong thread!

I just found this if anyone else is interested: It’s not free unfortunately but my plan is to use the free trial with 16 different emails :slight_smile: If anyone knows of a free simulator, please let me know.

Found another one: Simulator - Investopedia Stock Simulator Seems to be free but I’d love the ability to replay real trading days from the past.

Found this too: Free Stock Trading Simulator With Market Replay - YouTube This is exactly what I want, but is there something like this but like free? I’m incredibly broke lol.

Found this thing called NinjaTrader which is free AND does exactly what I want but it’s not available for macOS (Or as a web app) unfortunately. Will keep looking.

ThinkOrSwim can replay and you can paper trade on that.