$RETA Reata Pharmaceuticals - DD request

Hi folks!

First time posting. I was hoping I could pick your brains about $RETA, I don’t have a ton of technical expertise but I am trying to learn.

This is a stock I’ve been holding for many years now. In fact, it was the first stock I ever invested in. I got in around the 20s and rode it all the way up to it’s highs in the low 200’s where I sold half my position.

Here’s a link to their site:


They are developing drugs for rare diseases including chronic kidney disease and Friedreich’s Ataxia which is a degenerative neuromuscular disorder.

Recent news on their drug:
11/19/21, 3:47 AM

04:47 AM EST, 11/19/2021 (MT Newswires) – Reata Pharmaceuticals (RETA) said Thursday the US Food and Drug Administration has granted fast track designation for omaveloxolone for the treatment of Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare and debilitating genetic neuromuscular disorder.

The company is committed to submitting the new drug application in Q1 2022 and “will continue working with the FDA to secure regulatory approval as quickly as possible,” Reata Chief Executive Warren Huff said in a statement.

Recent earnings snapshot:
11/8/21, 5:41 AM

November 8, 2021 06:41 AM ET (BZ Newswire) – Earnings

Reata Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:RETA) reported quarterly losses of $(1.27) per share. This is a 3.05 percent increase over losses of $(1.31) per share from the same period last year. The company reported $7.40 million in sales this quarter. This is a 428.19 percent increase over sales of $1.40 million the same period last year.

The stock has been drilling recently and I can’t fully understand why. Looking at Options Chain recently it seems like there is fair amount of OI on the puts. IV is sky high which is very unusual for this stock. I rode through the last dip into the mid 70’s and watched it recover slowly. I’m just at the point where I’m uncertain if I should just set a stop loss and cut my ties for good. Admittedly, I am prob more emotionally tied to this stock than I’d like to admit but it has treated me so well.

Would love to get yooz guys eyes on it and see what you think.

I greatly appreciate it!!