Retirement Accounts - 401k/Roth IRA

Hi All!

First time posting in the forums (but fairly active on discord), so bear with me.

Wanted to put this together to see what everyone’s longer-term retirement plans are, specifically for your 401k/Roth IRA (and on that note, if you aren’t maximizing both currently, I advise you do so before you dabble with day-trading/brokerage accounts).

I’m currently rush-maxing my 401k & Roth IRA as early in the year as possible.

Currently all in on VTSAX for both. Hoping to let it grow as much as possible before my mid/late-40s & then think about swapping it over to a target date fund.

What are everyone else’s holdings in their retirement accounts? Are there any other’s people suggest?

Thanks for reading & hoping this creates some good dialogue for the server!

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This is some boomer shit, dunno about the rest of ya’ll, but I dunno if I’ll live to retirement age.

imo we see a recessionary bear market in the near future.

I hope to pick up TSLA, GOOGL, and probably SOXL at a discount in the long-term account.

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I have a pretty hefty mix of blue-chip ETF’s and SPY in mine

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