$REV inspired thread - Buy the rumour, sell the news type events - buyouts, bankruptcy etc

Starting this thread up based on the inspirational events of $REV. It would be nice if this server was ahead of the pack w.r.t. buying the rumour and selling the news.

The thread is intended to capture all news related to company buyouts, bankruptcy news etc etc.

Cheers :+1:

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$SAVE (Spirit Arline) - Buyout event

  • A tussle between Jetblue and Frontier buying out Spirit Airlines
  • 20th June, Jetblue raises offer, 2/3 higher than Frontier
  • June 30 shareholder meeting. Hopes to wrap up negotiation talks.

Thanks for starting this, bud!
I’ll go read up on this today.

Bankruptcy isn’t bullish, there was nothing to “be ahead of the curve” on lol


Conqueror is not bullish on this, so that’s all the DD I need.
I have another pair of DD here anyway.

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