RiceOnly Learning Journal

Wanted to start documenting my trades to hopefully learn from all my mistakes :frowning:
Will only be documenting my ToS positions.
RH and Webull accounts I’ll try to mimic the plays in my ToS

Format of my journal will be:

  1. Broker Daily Screenshot
  2. Trades & Decisions made for those trades
  3. Goal for each transaction
  4. Emotion

Current Positions :

  1. ToS

  2. Trades

  • UVXY Apr 01, $14.5C - Sold
  • CCL Mar 25, $2P - Rolling indefinitely until either B.E or share price above 22 (CSP → Calendar Spread)
  • AMC Mar 25, $13P - Holding [Thought I could avg down my earlier strike puts with these… mistakes made]
  • HUT shares - Holding Indefinitely [Back last year when I thought share price could not get any lower…]
  • Grab shares - Holding Indefinitely [AGc…rekt me]
  1. Goal
  • UVXY following the volatility and Conqs challenge plays, trying to exit at any profit tbh
  • CCL My first try at selling calls and now i’m just rolling it out for whatever small credit i can get until it’s reasonable to exercise
  • AMC Selling tomorrow for whatever I can get with these
  • HUT and GRAB - holding shares until positive…
  1. Emotion
    Felt iffy on the amc plays so I stayed out today. Mostly was doing work so didn’t get to understand some of the other challenger alert fills
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