RKLB "A Data With Destiny" Launch Window Opens 12/8 3:45pm PST (Continued RKLB DD/News)

Hey everybody,

I’m doing this real quick because I’m still at work. But Rocket Lab’s (RKLB) live stream website just updated and announced that their launch will be taking place tonight, at 9PM MST. Here is the link:

The launch is titled “Love at First Insight” and it is the next launch in a multi-launch deal with BlackSky to deploy satellites to orbit. Rocket Lab will be recovering their Electron rocket booster by boat in the ocean after the launch, but they are also sort of testing a new mid-air helicopter catch during this launch. If the launch goes well I expect some upward movement in the stock price tomorrow. RKLB is also reporting earnings on 11/15. Their launch schedule has been disrupted somewhat due to COVID restrictions in New Zealand where their launch platform is, and it has affected their revenue. However they weren’t supposed to launch at all for the rest of the year, so the fact that this launch is happening tonight is a good sign IMHO. I will do some more research and see if there is anything else worth adding tonight when I get home from work. I do own shares and call options in RKLB, my shares are up about 15% and calls are up about 85% as of this writing.

For your information, here is another link to the launch information page and press kit:


Okay here is a little more information about Rocket Lab’s recovery goals tonight that you may find cool. I personally find this really fucking cool as an engineer.

“Rocket Lab will also attempt a controlled ocean splashdown and recovery of Electron’s first stage, the latest in Rocket Lab’s program to make Electron the first reusable orbital launch vehicle dedicated to small satellites. The mission will be Rocket Lab’s third ocean recovery of an Electron stage; however, it will be thee first time a helicopter will be stationed in the recovery zone around 200 nautical miles offshore to track and visually observe a descending stage in preparation for future aerial capture attempts. The helicopter will not attempt a mid-air capture for this mission but will test communications and tracking to refine the concept…”

In case you’d like to see how this works and exactly how bad-ass it is, here is a video of Rocket Lab successfully catching a rocket booster with a fucking helicopter during a test:


Going into the financial side, things have been quiet for the company on the launch front. There was only one launch during Q3, it was July 29th for the United States Space Force. RKLB had more launches on the schedule for the quarter but unfortunately they were delayed due to severe COVID restrictions imposed in New Zealand, because of a Delta Variant outbreak there. For this reason in my opinion any kind of earnings report play should be completely off the table, as the risk is too great. I’m recommending either a long term investment (shares/LEAPS), or a short term play on the outcome of the launch tonight.

Now for some better news. RKLB is trying to expand their “space systems” revenue, and announced in September that they have opened a high volume reaction wheel production facility, and will generate revenue by pumping wheels out and selling them. Reaction wheels are important for providing attitude control and stability on spacecraft. They have also continually lowered their per vehicle launch cost, and for that reason I believe that they will report their order backlog has increased even further as their customers want to reap the benefits of cheaply deployed satellites. RKLB was also awarded a $25m dollar contract with the Space Force, for development of their Neutron rocket, which is a bigger version of the Electron with more payload capacity. It can deliver more satellites in one launch even further reducing the cost.

TLDR; I’m super bullish on this company long term, and short term I really think we could see a share price increase tomorrow after a successful launch and booster recovery tonight. If anyone has anything to add, or correct please feel free to do so. This is my first contribution to the forum, and I am not a professional in finance so I apologize for any retardness on display here. Thanks and good luck!


thanks for the updated launch time. I’m watching

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Launch scrapped. Nov 16 at the earliest

Here’s a article with a quick explanation for the launch scrub:

With the earliest next launch opportunity being the 16th which is the day after earnings, I’m hesitant to recommend any short term plays on RKLB. If you’re okay with LEAPS or shares, I say go for it.

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Launch window has been updated to Nov 17th. Which for us in the USA, I believe (time zone conversion hurts my simple mind) is tomorrow evening, the 16th. Now that RKLB has provided their favorable earnings report, I’m much more willing to make a play on the launch as I now expect more positive price movement with a successful launch. Rocket Lab has a proven track record with a 86% success rate on reaching orbit. This launch was previously scheduled for earlier in the year and they have had extra time to prepare due to COVID.

I’m also holding out hope that they may surprise us and actually catch the first stage with a helicopter due to this tweet. This is very unlikely but it would be super bullish if they pulled that shit.

Good luck to everybody!


I think it’s a perfect time to add to my call position, just hoping there’s a nice dip tomorrow.

@glickopherz what are you going to pick up?

Unfortunately I was initially bearish on earnings so I took profit on my Dec 17 $12 calls about 30 mins before market close. I’m still holding Jan 2023 $8 leaps. For tomorrow I will be looking for a dip as well, thinking about picking up some Jan 2022 calls, maybe pushing strike to $14 or $15.


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Some Update, can be huge :slight_smile:


What a nice launch. I know they said they weren’t going try the catch today, but I would stoked if they did!

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Very nice, just need to deploy payload and it will be perfect. I agree about the helicopter, I’m finding it very weird that there is no update about the first stage splashdown, it should have been on the ground a while ago. Plus its weird that they kept mentioning that there is no video from the helicopter.

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Successful launch! Hopefully tomorrow we all see green!



Should be an update on 12-2 for the Neutron development.

Are you still holding till then? Or longer out?

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Im holding Rocket lab for long term. Really good company

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I lucked out and took profit on my entire position on Monday before the drop Tuesday. But I bought back in towards the bottom yesterday with some more leaps. I believe I will hold for a while now.

Rocket Lab is planning to annouce something about their Neutron medium lift launch vehicle on Dec 2nd next week. There are a lot of rumors swirling about.


I already have leaps but I may buy some monthly call options and play the run up to this announcement, possibly with a gamble size position held over until after the announcement. The news is not likely to be earth shattering, so this may end up being a “sell the news” event.

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Yeah if not for this COVID FUD, I feel like it would be skyrocketing. This plus the Neutron announcement tomorrow convinced me to hold my calls and take the risk anyway. Hoping for some really killer good news tomorrow.

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Do you know when the announcement will be exactly? I’m bullish on Rocketlab