RKLY - Rumored developer of glucose monitoring sensors for Apple Watch

Back in early May of last year, rumors started circulating that Apple was developing a glucose monitoring watch. This was started by sensor developer Rockley Photonics revealing that AAPL was their largest client.

The original story that was released is here:

Now apparently the same rumors are making the rounds, expect a little more credible this time. Except with a notable exception: RKLY is not mentioned. Now, this may either be because they’re not actually involved anymore, or, they’re simply being omitted because the larger story is of course AAPL producing a watch model that is capable of monitoring blood glucose.

I’ve posted this under swing trades because it likely needs some more research and has a longer out horizon. But this company, which is trading at all time lows, may be worth a look.

This is the recent news story about AAPL’s glucose smart watch:


So I apologize for posting that link prematurely. Just a few clicks down was this article:


I’m not sure that article materially refutes anything. These are all rumors, however, its been rumored for quite awhile at this point. Might still be something worth looking more into.

Moved to requests. If someone wants to run with this, feel free.

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Two week runner until today, nice callout