Roblox Bear Play - Ticker that might be less gay and retarded than SPY

So RBLX seems to have made a nice bearish divergence with strong upwicks, making me feel extra bearish about this.

So on the hourly, there’s a bearish divergence that’s formed and currently playing out.

On the daily, we can see a nice uptrend line that we could hit to bottom. There’s a huge upwick on the candle with potentially a follow through move that could be happening today if it ends up red. RSI is nearing oversold readings so that’s another thing to watch.

I haven’t marked the supports and resistances, but it’s an interesting stock to potentially play, esp with no major news for it coming out since earnings came out.

Earnings were a miss, but RBLX rallied it back up. I don’t know if guidance was great because I can’t find shit about it, but if someone does know, that’ll be great. Anyways, this could be a good entry point for puts if guidance was meh or bad and the stock rebounded for no reason. I’ll be keeping this in mind and watching it. If anyone has info about the earnings or potentially telling me that I’m autistic and wrong, please do so.

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