Role Change Voting

A new feature has been released that allows everyone to vote on role changes in the community. The function allows you to vote for any role which means you may vote to promote OR demote members from their current roles. The votes are completely anonymous.

Roles get quite stale here because we lose focus on them and I think getting feedback on the community can be a good way for us to prevent that in the future.

In order to place a vote for a role change, right click any username in Discord (long press on mobile) go to AppsVote for Role Change:


If you get the options “Join Position” and “Reply to Forum Post”, you’re clicking the message and not the username.

In the select box that appears, select the role to move the user to. Again this is for both suggesting promotions and demotions. Users that are being suggested for being good traders should be moved to one of the trading related categories. Users that are being suggested for being good at dealing with the community can be moved to one of the administration categories. Same goes for the inverse. If you are unhappy with someone in a current role, place your vote.

There is additionally a “Verified” option to suggest members be completely demoted in the event of inactivity, etc:


One of the main drivers for this is that since the advent of the positions system I feel as though we’re not displaying charts for users that the community may want to see more of. This should fix that.

The command is live so place your votes and keep voting to help keep the roles as current as can be.


Per user suggestion, the dunce cap has been added to the selectable roles.


Is a block in place to prevent multiple votes onto the same user from the same person?

I just tested it to check and it says “Vote logged successfully” both times that I did the same vote for the same person.

If I change my mind and vote for a different role for that person, does it supersede my previous vote?

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Users are given a uniqueId for their votes so yes the same user voting for the same person over and over will have no effect.

If you later change a vote, the latest vote will supersede.


This feature was down temporarily but is now back up with the addition of voting for double & triple dunce caps and for dunce cap removal. Other roles will be implemented soon.


Small update, roles now sync between Discord and the Forum. Forum roles historically have been terribly outdated so this solves that problem and ensures that members are properly ranked when making posts.

Performance roles will be utilizing this feature as well.

Currently the forum syncs the following roles:

  1. Gods
  2. Demigods
  3. Hall Monitor
  4. Legends
  5. Champions
  6. Heroes
  7. All the performance roles (Monarch, Nobles, etc.)

Performance roles still aren’t “released” but will be up sometimes next week.


Chasing the timeout issue with slash commands. In the meantime I just fixed an issue that prevents people from voting to remove dunces :kekw:


Took a break from dashboard dev today to complete… Mute Voting and upgrade the role voting mechanism.

Mute Voting

At the bottom of the “Vote for Role Change” selection you’ll now see “Mute”:

Once selected, a second select box appears that prompts you to select a timeframe for the mute:

The times range from 1 minute to 1 week. It takes three votes within an hour window to trigger a mute and the durations are averaged with higher weighting given to lower values at a 3:1 ratio.

This system is completely automated meaning there is no longer a manual step between votes and “actions”. The mutes are triggered when the criteria are met and the unmute is handled automatically after the specific amount of time has passed.

Role Voting Upgrade

In addition to mutes being fully automatic, all role changes associated with dunce caps (dunce, double, triple and deduce) are as well now. The same goes for promotions to hero and champion.

These role changes are now more lax in their criteria also only requiring 3 votes but within 30 days instead of the 1 hour for the mute votes. As they are automatic now, there is no delay between the 3rd vote and the change being triggered which should make for some more comedic changes.

Going to let this run for a couple weeks just to make sure this new system is working correctly and then add the rest of the roles (as well as the other vanity roles like simp, toxic and tinfoil).


Made some changes to this today.

Mute cooldown reset

When a member is manually unmuted the system wasn’t recognizing this meaning they couldn’t be re-muted via vote until their original mute expired.

Manual mutes/unmutes now run through the new Mimir system (they were a legacy feature) and they correctly add and remove “muted” status generated by the votes. This means that a user which is muted by vote and then subsequently unmuted manually can instantly be re-muted via vote. Knowing TF a cooldown will probably need to be instituted but that can come later.

Mute Leveling

Considering you mfers went straight for the week mute I’ve created a system that locks mute durations until a certain amount of lower mutes have been given. The first two mutes are capped at 30 minute, then every two mutes after unlocks an additional duration. Mutes below 30m in duration don’t increase the level so muting Yong for a minute 12 times doesn’t give you the ability to mute him for a week.

Looks like the mute system and automatic role changes are working pretty solidly. Happy trading :pepepray:


Alright and the last “quality of life” enhancement for now is Slow Mode Voting.

Discord’s native slow mode affects everyone except those that can manage channels and messages (so mods basically) which is hilariously unhelpful as there is no way to “slow mode” a single user. Mimir now can do so however and voting for this is now live:

(Note that UnMute and UnSlowMode have been added). Just as with the Mute Vote function, a selection for frequency pops up:

SlowModes are currently permanent and removal will either need to be manual or by having three people vote for an “unslowmode”.

Active mutes and slow modes can be checked with !mutes and !slowmodes.

The difference between mute and slow mode should be obvious. The goal of these features is for the community to self regulate in a way so make an attempt to use the correct tool. Slow modes are for people that probably need to slow down and mutes are for people that need to stop talking all together in that moment.


Finally read all of these and encourage all users to read this. Some great tools for the community to better regulate and keep our community running well. Nice feature improvements Conq.


Discord did a surprise update a day ago that included a breaking change. After updating Mimir’s discord library some random functions had ceased working. I believe I’ve got them all corrected this evening:

  1. News commands are now working again
  2. Wheel scanner is now working again
  3. Promotions to hero and champion now correctly display the alert on TF

If there’s anything else that needs fixed I’ll get to it over the next day or so.


The forum notifications in TF doesn’t work either.

Testing 1234