Role Pruning

Since we can now vote anonymously on role changes it’s time to use one of it’s maybe sadder but very needed features of providing insight on demotions.

The trading roles are meant to be given to people who are active in the community and once they become inactive, for the sake of keeping our roles fresh and uncrowded they should be removed. Similarly, we’ve made some promotions in the past that maybe the community doesn’t agree with on a whole and this might be a time to let us know we messed up. While it sucks to do, role shifts in the end are a positive for the community.

So with that in mind here are the current members lists for our trading roles:





I want to reiterate that keeping these votes anonymous is of extreme importance to me, votes will not be shared with the people that are voted for and who placed them will never be discussed so when you get time, if you see any members in this list that need to be pruned, please search them in discord, right click their username and vote to remove their role. Inactive members should be set to “Verified”, members that are being demoted for other reasons should be set to whatever role you think is appropriate or “Verified” if no role should be given.


Another thing to reiterate is that trading role demotions are done silently (no #trading-floor embed) so don’t worry about an embarrassing show when the demotions go through.

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