RP's Boomerism Challenge to you and myself

Good evening fellow gaymers and sexe havers. For 1,000 years FDs have controlled our lives, but there is a better way.

I am starting my own spin on the challenge, only it will be designed for long-term retirement style investing in growth, dividends, and value stocks. This is a challenge to myself more than an attempt to make us all money but it is something everyone should be doing as well.

My Ideas: Everyone loves options swing trading and I am included in every one. I am never gonna stop swinging options but I think there is a lack of mentioning the benefits of compounding growth, IRAs, 401ks, and the world of long-term investing. Especially for the youth of Valhalla, we have an average age around maybe 21 for the youth. At the age of 21, you have 38 years until the retirement/withdrawal age of a IRA (59). In this scenario if you invest in just SPY with 100 dollars a week and average a return of 10% a year you would have 1.8 million at 59.

I know everyone knows theses basics but I don’t think we all follow through as much as we should with executing on that potential, or we want it now and cant wait for it to come. Going back to that same 38 year timeline, say you invest 150 a week in maybe SPY or SCHD or VOO. You average 10% a year and reinvest any dividends, you would have 3 million dollars at 59 and would easily be able to retire and buy a lambo. This can be taken to a massive extreme depending on what you can save and invest, if you start now and you invest as much as you can you could push these numbers much higher. With compounding growth, continous investment, and DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment) you could be in the dozens of millions 35-45 years down the road.

Something that so many do is assume they won’t live forever, people always say young people think they will live forever but the opposite is true in my experience. Odds are you are going to live to 70 and you are definitely going to live to 59. I can’t think of a single person at these ages that says they wish they invested less. Even beyond having money for retirement, you will have so much more peace of mind if you know there is a massive investment account behind you throughout your life. When you are 32 and having a second kid you will have peace of mind knowing you have a 210k account behind you, when you are 45 and buying a forever home you will have peace of mind knowing you have a 1.2 million account behind you, and when you are 51 and tired of working you can make the decision to withdraw early and take home 3.5 million or keep it going at retire at 59 with 8 million. (Just simple examples)

What I am doing: I am going to be starting with $1,000 and I am going to continue to invest $125 a week every week till I am 59. Hopefully, Valhalla still exists by the end of this goal. If you clued in on the 125 number already, great. 125 a week equals 6,500 a year which is the maximum contribution a year to an IRA. Over time the government raises the max contribution amount and so will I with the weekly contribution to match. I will invest more beyond an IRA, this will be included when I decide to start investing more than the IRA cap. There are income limits on IRAs, if you are single and make more than 153k a year or married and make more than 228k a year then you cannot use an IRA but you can always invest in a regular brokerage account.

This is going to be a very very VERY long-term thing, you will not need to check in daily for updates. I am going to do monthly recaps of what I have returned and what I am thinking on for the future. You know those people that have had the same Minecraft hardcore game for the last 15 years and then make the news when they finally die, that is what this will be.

What I would love to see: I do not want this to just be a me thing. I want whoever is willing and able, to do what I am doing. If you can then, please invest for yourself, I know many of you already do and we have people of all ages. Whether you are in your mid-30s and have a large retirement already or you are mid-30s and haven’t saved a thing. Whether you are 20 and can only save a little a month or you are 45 and are playing catchup and going ham with investing. I would love to see people posting monthly or quarterly updates on their returns and contributions to their IRAs, 401ks, and individual accounts. Even if there is no traction and people do not join in I will continue to carry it on. Nobody should assume they are doomed and that life is a meme, it is not. We trade to make money and create generational wealth and hopefully, everyone will accomplish that goal here.

TLDR: I am saving for the future and you should too, lets’s do it together and motivate each other to keep it going by showing each other our progress and potential.

I love you all, :pepepray:


FUCKING LOVE IT. I’m game. Most mature thing I shall do. Well done RP


Love this as well and have been doing something similar already with my Fidelity account. My stocks of choice that I DRIP and buy with my monthly deposits are 1/2 SCHD, 1/4 VTI, 1/4 DGRO.


My hope would be that we can have everyone in here tracking their returns over time. If your 26 and feel like your making no progress but then see somebody who is 38 and realize that it is possible then you’ll keep going.


If you wanna start making monthly or quarterly accountings of your funds in here that’d be epic :pepecelebrate:




MONTH 0 - The Beginning

Balance - 1,000
Monthly Return - 100% (obviously)

SCHD - 13.5 shares with an average price of 74.60

Monthly Plans: Acquire more SCHD shares, it will be the primary holding in my account for the long term so I will be spending some time acquiring shares.


I’ve accepted the Boomerism Challenge. 148 sh of SPYD today (2022 roth limit of $6,000) bought today. cock

Screenshot 2023-03-06 170034


Love the idea, as a compliment to trading. It’s definitely one of those things I know I should be doing - routinely contributing and just holding for the long haul - but haven’t been good about that with after changing jobs and rolling my 401k into my TDA as IRAs.

I’m in!

Any particular reason you went with SCHD?


SCHD has outperformed SPY over the last ten years and has a much higher dividend rate as it is focused on dividend return and growth of those dividends.


End Of Month Report
Balance: $1,663
Current Open p/l: $26.11/1.59%

Holdings: SCHD 22.72 shares.

Monthly Plans: Gonna keep building up SCHD. Might buy some SPY or QQQ as it looks like tech is beginning to lead the market again. I don’t want to be 100% risk on though because a recession that the market reacts to could be around the corner. I spent most of the month red but because of this week that is gonzo. I notice that the times you are up alot you wish you invested more and the times you are down you wonder if you should stop, gonna just keep throwing money at it.


Boomerism DD: Other things than SCHD exist apparently

Good afternoon fellow gaymers, I have made it very obvious that I am investing in purely SCHD but with excellent timing March showed my a small flaw SCHD has. SCHD is highly exposed to finance and banking, which normally is fine but in current circumstances is not fine.

The S&P is highly exposed to tech which hurt it alot in 2022 while SCHD performed very well as it has tech as its largest holding but not to the extent that the S&P or NASDAQ do. Because of SCHD being less tech heavy it is not performing as well as SPY or QQQ last month. In the long term the lack of tech weight won’t matter and hasn’t matter for the last decade despite tech leading the market all that time.

Because of these facts at the moment it appears that SCHD is fucked but it’s because of that financial exposure. I think QQQ is the answer to this issue. QQQ is very very tech heavy and having a small portion dedicated to loading into QQQ to gain more tech weight could help long term. I doubt we will ever see tech lose the spotlight in the market it is just too relevant to everything in life now and especially in the future.

Value focuses ETFs that get into the blue collar world of the market with stocks like Home Depot, WM, PepsiCo, GM, or 3M are something SCHD does have exposure to and that is not a bad thing. At the end of the day while tech performs so well it is a good thing to have Walmart and McDonald’s in your portfolio. Walmart generates more revenue than any company on earth, you want a piece of it.

Morale of this story, diversification sounds cringy and it is when it comes to things like international stocks. But Tech, Value, and Finance while some fall and different times are always things you want to have pieces in.

I will be looking towards getting deeper into tech in the future as SCHD fulfils the value and finance needs. QQQ is my current answer to the problem but maybe we’ll find another.

Have a gay Sunday gaymers :pepepray:


Don’t know if you guys have heard of this dude, JL Collins, but he essentially resonates what this Boomerism thread is all about, long term wealth, and keeps it simple. Worth a watch.

The Simple Path to Wealth | JL Collins | Talks at Google - YouTube