RSX/OZON Update: Winter is Here. Winter is Cold and Unforgiving

This is a follow-up to the prior thread, which is over 1,000 posts long and be found here:

On August 30, 2022, I filed lawsuits against my brokers for their actions related to RSX/OZON. While I cannot discuss the details of this lawsuit, I can say two things: (1) I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t believe in the claims; and (2) I have continued to move forward with the goal of treating this as though I had little to no money. I want everyone to be able to do what I’m doing.

So, let’s say you got fucked by RSX/OZON and let’s say you want to sue your broker. How do you do it? You file a FINRA arbitration claim against them. You will need legal representation; however, that is not something you need to pay out of pocket to do. Many lawyers will take your case(s) on a contingency fee basis, where they take a percentage of whatever you collect.

Here is a list of experienced FINRA lawyers who represent consumers:

Please go there and find one for your state. If you are in the Midwest, DM me and I can recommend the lawyer I hired (no I’m not representing myself, this has to be repeatable).

And then let’s say the lawyer says “I don’t know if you have a claim” or “I don’t know what a claim would look like” or “what laws did they violate”. What do you do then?

In that purely hypothetical situation, you could potentially look on the forums for the following purely hypothetical draft of what a purely hypothetical claim against your broker would look like and then give it to your lawyer.

Statement of Claim.docx (22.3 KB)

Obviously this attachment has nothing to do when anything I’ve done. It’s just something I hypothetically came across that could hypothetically be useful. Hypothetically.

More to come.


If someone hypothetically lost $20k, would it be hypothetically worthwhile to pursue or too low a figure? Lost as in, the $5k investment should be worth $20k

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Hypothetically, that would have resulted in a $15k profit and if you were retain an attorney on a contingency fee then hypothetically you could recover a net gain of $8k-$10k after your attorney takes his or her cut. Hypothetically.


Thx for sharing! You are a fantastic contributor, really appreciate you. :pray:

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Hypothetically would you have advice on which lawyer to contact for this if Canadian? :joy: