Running Ticker Mentions

I’m not sure if this is something you would do or if you’re even interested, but I have difficulty tracking all of the tickers mentioned throughout the day. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to track tickers like some of the veterans. Would it be possible to have a ticker mention count or something of that nature? It would just give someone like me an opportunity to see what plays are out there then do my own research to make decisions. Thanks for any feedback.


The DD section on our forums is an amazing place to venture and see what is being talked about. PS If you are looking for scalps JB does post daily In his alert channel.

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Understood, but some of the plays are very fast and don’t get DD. Also, I’m sort of looking for a way to see sentiment as it ramps up. Not looking to FOMO buy, but as people get more and more into a play, a tracker would let someone like me know to dig in & make a decision.

I have same feeling, so quick to get and it looks like the party is in trading-floor. Don’t know best way to do it. search tool is my friend

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And sentiment tracking. It’s pretty wsb-ish sounding but useful. I would like this.

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if we had a way for people to list what they are long or swing trading and have a running score of how many people are in what ticker? seems like a lot of effort for everyone involved, but could help start constructive discussions. Also as stated above this would definitely not work for scalps or quick trades I think. Maybe poll of top mentioned tickets everyone choose a favorite of the day.

I can look into existing bots or writing a bot that captures 1-5 letter words from posts and compares them to a list of existing tickers, then creates a running count of each that can be queried


didn’t really get a lot of time to look at this this weekend, but I found a few interesting bots/tools:
might be good, but would need work:
this one might have what we want already: Stock Bot
and this?: BotGhost | Free Discord Bot Maker