SAVA - Fireside chat 4/5

Borrowed from SA, will update in a bit.


  • March 30 saw the retraction of five papers where Dr Hoau-Yan Wang, a key scientific collaborator of SAVA, is an author.
  • Dr Lindsay Burns, Senior VP, neurosciences, at SAVA is also an author on two of the recently retracted papers.
  • The City University of New York (CUNY) might soon announce findings, from an investigation running since 2021, concerning the work of Dr Wang.
  • President and CEO of SAVA, Remi Barbier, will have an opportunity to comment on the retractions, and timing of the CUNY investigation, should he choose to do so, at a fireside chat on April 5.

Took a 4/8 40c as a lotto.

Isn’t the retraction of papers that had contributions from Sava’s lead scientists bearish for Sava?

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Yes, but SAVA likes to pop hard on even slightly good whispers, my play is that the CEO explains some of it and there’s a brief jump. I’m overall bearish and would next play puts for May or June.

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I don’t think the studies were retracted. The journal where they had their initial findings didn’t find any claims of data &/or image manipulation.


Nice pop on SAVA this morning, will be selling at open.

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Nothing new, it repeats the issues that have been mentioned before and the opinion of “experts” that

“this drug should not be put into patients. It should never have been. Never”

So guess Puts will pay today.