SBFM - Sunshine Biopharma, Inc. - Squeeze? / PD? / Great Stock? / Nothing Banger?

This was discovered and mentioned by @Saboratory on TF - as it quickly started gaining interest I thought I would make a thread.


@Saboratory thought it might be a new squeeze candidate, I took a quick glance and got the P&D feeling based on the size of the company’s lack of options, and look alike holdings.


@thots_and_prayers was smart enough and kind enough to check the si -


A couple of quick Google searches -

From @macromicrodick Sunshine Biopharma Stock Triples on Positive mRNA Cancer Treatment Results

As of this posting - the stock is up 76ish % between regular hours and AF -

lots of possibilities, with it’s too late being one of them - but wanted to get the thread going - so others can digest and offer input.


Judging by today’s movement - leaning towards P&D and we missed it -

Could be argued it is SPY related, but seems a bit too drastic of a drop imho

Archiving this now, buddy. Thanks for finding all them old threads we could archive. Really appreciate the donated time and effort, man!