Scalping Watchlist for 01/03 Using unusualwhales Option Flow + Analysis of 12/31 Watchlist

If you haven’t read the 12/31 watchlist, I suggest you do so before continuing.

Great day for our plays. 3/3.


Great for scalping in the AM, kept bouncing off of our support level many times. Sold off towards EOD, so slightly disappointing, but still a good pick, overall.


This one gave many entries throughout the day. After that big spike at open then consolidation at our level, there were many entries for our puts, including one tasty VWAP rejection that led to a sell-off into EOD. Great play.


Scalpers dream. Gave two entries in the AM at our resistance level, then pretty much kept getting rejected at VWAP into EOD. Great pick.

Watchlist for 01/03

First off, Happy New Year!!! 2022 will bring us all many profits!!! Now, onto the watchlist. This one is short but sweet, with just two pretty high conviction picks:


Look at all those calls being bought today. Millions of dollars in premium being spent today on 01/21/2022 exp call contracts. 01/03 is the ex-div date, so expect some volatility. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $235.88.


Same deal as DG. Millions in premium being spent in 01/21/2022 call option contracts. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $47.92.

Happy New Year and good luck on Monday!!!


How are you finding these on Unusual Whales?

Playing around with filters, but what usually catches my attention is the premium spent, days to expiry, and if the contracts are OTM.


You sir, are truly a hero for these daily watch list.

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Just a quick PSA before Monday. DG, as I mentioned before, has its ex-div date on Monday. There will be a lot of pressure, both from people looking to enter in order to get the dividend and from people looking to take profit from existing positions. Due to this elevated volatility, I decided to look for one additional play


Tons of bullish flow on OTM calls expiring in two weeks. Looks like it could be a call spread, but the amount of orders for OTM calls was massive. Here’s just what I could fit in one screenshot.

53’s and 61’s being bought two weeks away from expiration, with all orders, presumably, to open due to the size being greater than the open interest on those specific contracts. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $51.66


Due to a 2% gap up in pre market, I’m changing my WFC level. I’m eyeing calls if it stays above $48.25.

Thank you for sharing this info. WFC was a great play today.

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