Scalping Watchlist for 01/12 Using unusualwhales Option Flow + Analysis of 01/11 Watchlist

If you haven’t read the 01/11 watchlist, I recommend you do so before continuing.

In need of a play for tomorrow? Are you in the Cool Kids Non-ESSC Gang? I got you. But first, let’s see how it went for our picks today.


Pretty nice for scalping both ways, but used our level as support and not resistance. Failed play.


Two beautiful entry opportunities at open and ran the rest of the day. Great pick.


Great entry opportunity at open and pretty much ran the rest of the day. Great pick.

So not a bad day today. 2/3. Let’s see what’s on our plate for tomorrow.

Watchlist for 01/12

PSA: Don’t rule out the possibility of a Bull trap tomorrow, especially given macro conditions. News>Everything.

Now, onto our picks.


Institutions/whales buying deep ITM call contracts for millions in premium, with the contracts expiring in a few weeks. Probably expecting more upside before (or maybe even after, as well?) the unlock on the 19th. I’m eyeing calls tomorrow if the price stays above $44.74


Deep ITM calls bought up going into EOD. This one gapped on news (, so be patient and look for good entries. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $145.


A lot of call buying for monthly contracts going into EOD. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $184.61

A few more bonus picks for more experienced scalpers, or anyone interested.


Pretty bullish flow going into EOD.


A lot of bullish activity in OTM monthly contracts.

Just remember, macro conditions & news > everything else. Tight stops!!!

Good luck tomorrow!!!