Scalping Watchlist for 01/18 + Analysis of 01/14 Watchlist

If you haven’t read the 01/14 watchlist, I recommend you do so before continuing.

Pretty good day for our picks on Friday. Here’s how it went.


Had two great entries at open and ran the rest of the day. Great pick.


Gapped below our level and didn’t give a good entry. Could’ve gotten in after that spike at open was rejected. Decent play.

Not going to go over FANG and BA because I typed in #trading-floor that I would only be playing to the downside on Friday due to macro-level sell-offs; you are free to check for yourself how they went (FANG gapped up and ran the rest of the day so it didn’t give a great entry. BA was good for scalping after level was finally broken towards EOD).

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 7.25.12 PM

Watchlist for 01/18


Tons of bearish flow 20 minutes from close, with premiums above $100,000. The order I highlighted is especially interesting. I’m eyeing puts if the price stays below $137.90.


This one had a lot of bearish flow heading into EOD. It gapped down almost 1% in after-hours, and most likely will gap down a little more in pre-market, so don’t chase entries. I’m eyeing puts if the price stays below $30.70


A lot of exiting deep ITM puts going into EOD. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $228.78


A lot of bearish flow throughout the day. This one whale’s 22.5 March Exp put order took up almost 30% of the volume on those contracts for the day. Maybe someone knows something? I’m eyeing puts if the price stays below $23.09

Good luck tomorrow!!!

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