Scalping Watchlist for 01/26 + Analysis of 01/25 Watchlist

If you haven’t read the 01/25 watchlist, I recommend you do so before continuing.

Not a bad day today for our picks. Let’s see how it went.


No other way to say it, just a failed play. Rallied and held strong against the market.


Our level was useful for intraday scalps both ways but mostly for puts, which was our play. Good pick.


Had a couple of great entries at our level throughout the day for puts. Nice pick.

Watchlist for 01/26

I hope I don’t have to remind you of this, but tomorrow is FOMC day, with Powell holding a press conference at 2:30 and the Interest Rate Decision at 2:00. Be prepared for volatility. I mentioned it before, but be aware of what the market (DOW, SPX, NASDAQ) are doing. There’s been tons of correlation the past few days, and the last thing you want is the market to go against you.


Had decently bullish flow going into EOD, plus I’m expecting some sympathy movement in the semi’s tomorrow from $TXN’s earnings beat for some added conviction. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $80.50


Had lots of bullish flow going into EOD as well, plus two bullish analyst ratings that came out today during trading hours. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $156.

Bonus Picks for Anyone Interested

Lots of Bearish flow, presumably to open due to the little OI compared to the size of the orders. Could be some put scalps available tomorrow.


Lots of bullish flow going into EOD despite being beaten down today. Could have some decent call scalping opportunities.

Good luck tomorrow!!!