Scalping Watchlist for 02/08


Had very bullish flow going into EOD despite sell-off. Bullish on semis as a whole due to ON earnings today, and earnings beats in the sector. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $124.


News about Peter Thiel (early investor) stepping down from the board. Bullish flow going into EOD, easy to say that someone knew something (news reported after close). Maybe expecting this as a catalyst for some movement? Less politics and more metaverse? I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $225


Very bullish flow today in OTM calls from floor traders. Reporting earnings this week, maybe expecting a beat or some movement? Something AMZN related? I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $63.50.


A lot of bearish flow ten minutes before close. I’m eyeing puts if the price stays below $123.

Bonus Play for Anyone Interested

QCOM Swing:

VIX is above 20 so expect volatility, but this massive order on QCOM deep ITM monthly calls, coupled with semis earnings beats and what I considered great earnings from QCOM, this could be an interesting trade.

Good luck tomorrow!