Scalping Watchlist for 05/12 using UW

Hello, hi, yes, it is me, been a while. My students are doing finals (not tests but final concerts) this week (and are doing great btw thank you very much) and my semester as a student is finally over so things are winding down. I prob won’t do these daily like I used to but I’ll try. Keep in mind tomorrow is PPI and market could react like a kid throwing a tantrum. Anyways, less gooooo:


Disney came out with great earnings and growing subscribers, NFLX didn’t. Options flow shows very bearish sentiment still at these levels. Could enter puts below $168-171 area.


Stupidly strong past few days, supported by equally strong earnings both from the company and the sector. Could take calls above $87.50 area.

Bonus idea:


Keeping an eye on them for earnings next week. TL;DR of thesis: Housing starts are strong, but finished construction is lagging. Construction needs to ramp up to keep up with demand. Q2 guidance could be strong taking this into account

Good luck!!!