Scalping Watchlist for 12/27 Using unusualwhales Option Flow

I’m going to start trying to publish a watchlist whenever I can based purely on following the big money. This is the first of hopefully many watchlists I will try to post in the future. I’m going to try my best as to call out what entry would be best for the plays I list, however I’m going to assume that you at least have some experience on how to scalp, enter, and exit trades. For this watchlist, it is recommended that you are allowed to day trade or at least have a WeBull cash account which lets you trade with the settled funds you have.

Monday 12/27 Watchlist:

  1. AFRM

A lot of bullish activity into close the ATM Calls for 02/18/2022. Premiums being spent on monthly calls are in the hundreds of thousands. This could present an opportunity to scalp calls intraday. I will be eyeing the $100.94 level as potential support and perhaps an entry opportunity.

  1. SNOW

A lot of profit taking and bearish activity amongst the whales. I will be eyeing $349.12 area for a potential entry for puts.

  1. ARQQ

    A TON of bullish activity on 12/23 for ARQQ, with premiums in the hundreds of thousands, and even one print in the millions. I will be eyeing the $24.87-24.90 area for a potential area for calls.

Feel free to contribute your own picks, or any questions/concerns.


After a bit more charting, I’m gonna change my potential entries. The plays are the same, however ARQQ Calls entry, for me, would be better if it were closer to 24.7 and AFRM Calls entry would be better around 99.85, if PM gaps up, I’ll try to notify if my entries change. SNOW is staying the same as of now.

Reasoning for changes:

ARQQ 24.7 support was solid on 12/23. If broken, I will not enter.


Same reasoning for AFRM, 99.8-99.9 area was solid support on 12/23. If broken, I will not enter.


DO NOT ENTER AT OPEN Morning flush is a real thing, let the open volatility subside before entering.