Scalping Watchlist for 12/28 Using unusual whales Option Flow + Analysis of 12/27 Watchlist

For those of you who didn’t read the 12/27 watchlist, I recommend you do so before continuing.

This was beautiful. Really no other way to say it.

Opened and immediately broke through resistance. Respected VWAP for most of the day. This was pretty much a scalper’s dream. Only one that worked out from the watchlist but was a great play today.

Kind of disappointing, to be honest.

Lost 24.7 support in the morning, regained it into EOD but too much consolidation at that level until the 25 break in power hour.

Kind of disappointing, as well.

Pretty much consolidated for the whole day at the previous day’s support level, barring the few volatile moves it made at open and through out the day. Could’ve been decent scalps in either direction using that $352 support level, but the play I called was for puts, which didn’t play out.

Watchlist for 12/28:


Had a lot of bullish activity. Looks like whales are buying the dip on this pullback. I’m eyeing calls tomorrow for potential scalps if the price stays above $42.82-$42.94 (preferably above $42.94).


A lot of bearish flow with premiums above $40K buying OTM puts expiring in April. I’m eyeing puts if the price stays below $28.50. I’ve drawn what I consider key levels on the charts, with resistance levels in red and support in green. A break below that $28.05 support would be beautiful.


A lot of Bullish flow with the premiums above $60K. I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above $104.82

Feel free to ask any questions/voice any concerns you have, or if you want to share any you’re eyeing for tomorrow!


To add, RBLX was one of the only bot callouts today:

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Adding one to the watchlist before open:

Whales are buying weekly calls with premiums in the hundreds of thousands. Interesting bullish flow, to say the least.
I’m eyeing calls if the price stays above 191.45-191.5 support area.