Scanner Stream Added to Discord

Thanks for our Patrons, a “Scanner Stream” has been added to the Trading-Floor Voice Chat. You can view the video stream to see a live view of scanners from Trade-Ideas, which we’ve found to be some of the fastest and most extensible scanners you can use. Most of the scanners are self explanatory, and are labeled just above the content.

The scanners are broken into 5 main sections.

  1. Technicals - This group hosts technically driven signals with some fundamentals mixed in.
  2. Random Scanners - This hosts singals related to short squeezes, sentiment plays and AI.
  3. Momentum - The signals here are used to find what is currently moving, the “MOMO” scanner is one of the more popular in this category, but I like several of them.
  4. Premarket - Signals for movements in premarket. Can be used to actively trade premarket (Premarket Movers) or to determine what has gapped up or down for intraday trading.
  5. Postmarket - These are more for actively trading in post market, one of the more profitable times to trade in AH in my personal opinion.

Some of my most profitable intraday plays have been taken from these scanners so I’d suggest most at least familiarize themselves with them.

If anyone has any scans that they would like to be added, feel free to post them here. The Trade-Ideas application has an incredible amount of flexibility and most any scan can be replicated in it with ease.


Amazing, thanks for sharing!

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thanks for sharing. it is a really nice idea

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