Sens DD/ earnings play update (post dunce edition)

I know I wear the shade of feces on my head, but hear me out gents :pepehat: I posted a DD on Sens on oct 25…. Since it has gained ~13%. Not correlated at all obviously but i doubled down on calls and shares around 3.30$ which has covered my Ford fuck up :face_with_thermometer:. they have earnings and a board meeting/presentation the day after earnings. 11/9 earnings 11/10 presentation. Here is the link to what the presentation covers . What I assume will happen is a drop after earnings as covid has not been kind to Sens business, requiring an office visit for CGM replacement. Last earnings the stock dropped 10% to 3$ and immediately recovered within the week, then quickly made a stop at 4$ and then slowly lost some steam before continuing to trend to where it’s at now. This is based on my research (pre dunce) and following the stock over the course of the last few years. Per last DD the timeline of when FDA was submitted and reviewer assigned in April sets up approval that should be coming by years end. So if earnings does cause a sell off could be a good time to pick up some leaps or Jan calls for cheap. Cheers, and I will get rid of this shit hat.


loving this dunce cap redemption arc. so is the play then to buy the sens drop after earnings and ride the bounce? What are the chances that sens just keeps on dropping and doesnt recover?

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Doubtful it drops and doesn’t recover pending fda approval… if it drops it should recover quickly like it did in august after Q2 earnings.

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