Sens earnings update interpretation
Expected earnings was -.06$
Expected revenue was 3.57M

They reported .10$ eps and 3.5Million revenue.

What does this mean given where they are at with FDA approval still yet to happen for their 180 day Continuous Glucose Monitor?

Well I think it says that the company is finally profitable and can put their foot on the gas once FDA approval comes around for their next product. Which is the 180 day CGM that’s more accurate than Dexcom or abbot products and only requires you to make 2 office visits a year to replace. They also have a 365 day CGM coming down the pipeline which would only further leverage themselves against dexcom. It only makes sense that eventually they will submit for an internal sensor and transmitter that is way down the pipeline and also expand laterally and develop sensors that can detect other blood measurements. I could get in the weeds on the technology of this company but I’ll spare you. I think this news will be mixed for the share price short term. But long term very bullish because they can be profitable and expand.

I think my play will be to pick up leaps that are far out the money and some ITM that I can sell once they get FDA approval. I’m looking at Jan 2023 10$ and 3.5$ I may get some more Jan 2022 calls if Sens drops low enough. Let me know your thoughts and criticisms. Cheers excited for this play to develop.


Just a gut feeling but I like that they wrote that they are “pleased with the progression of the review” because the last update in December 2020 was that they expected FDA approval by the end of Q2 2021. I feel this like this statement means they are optimistic that the approval will at least still happen this year, but idk.


I agree but I don’t want to go too heavy on this assumption. I feel fairly certain it will get approved this year and I already have a good portion of my options account in jan calls 2022 so I think I’ll hedge with some leaps in case they don’t.


Good update, thanks!
Assuming since you’ll be picking up leaps here that you’re focused on long term with shares as well?

Yeah I have a good amount of shares I’m holding

Any PT you’re looking for down the line? I’m sitting on 3600+ shares, so trying to be realistic.

Like if it hits 10, is it worth it to hold for future at say 100? :man_shrugging:t2:

I guess nobody really knows with biotech….

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If it hits $10 in the near future say after fda approval I will likely sell a majority of my positions. Can always re-enter. For instance yesterday I sold some of my Jan calls 3.50$ bought them back this morning when the stock was 3.61$ and those options have doubled almost. Just make a game plan for yourself.

Looks like the Dip we saw back to the 3.80s was due to share dilution if my reading of this document is correct SEC Filings – Senseonics (Its the S-3ASR Filing under Dilution)

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Indeed looks that way. Sold a 38.5M shares at 3.89$. Company needs more cash to start pushing their product once they get FDA approval. I think long term they are doing the right thing by raising capital.

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Yes personally I think this is long term bullish, also doing it now and not after FDA approval means it won’t kill momentum from the announcement

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Totally agree, I think it shows that they are running the company well. Now just need FDA approval and a killer marketing campaign to compete with dexcom.


I’ll be looking into this. Could be a huge long play. I’m gonna get into the nitty gritty of sens over the weekend and let you know if I come up with anything of importance. Thanks for the Dd whip