Sens makes cents

Ive made previous DDs detailing plays for sens before, and why im bullish on them long term. I was up on sens pretty nicely but fucked myself over by not taking profits on my short term plays however i’ve transitioned my position to mostly shares and leaps 2023 and 2024.
Senseonics expects FDA approval for next-gen 180-day CGM in 'coming weeks' - Drug Delivery Business)
DD for this play is short term looking at the charts previous pop when this news was announced for the FDA approval in coming weeks the stock shot up to $3.43-3.50 in after hours. This will be the level I will look to offload some of my shares and contracts for short term profit. I am eyeing the 2.50-2.55 level closely as sens has recently had a ton of support here especially 2.55. if the market takes a swan dive this week sens could be a nice grab for cheap on shares and call contracts. I will be looking at march or april 3.50 calls and maybe some feb 3.50’s as they are cheap. Plan will be to sell the news once FDA approval happens for the 180 day CGM. I will be keeping some shares long and leaps as well.