Seperate chat for ~upper crust~

Hey there,

I’m in and out a lot throughout the day as trading is not my main source of income and can’t commit a lot of time throughout the day and I find it difficult to keep up with the group chat as there is so many different discussions and tickets in one place. And I know you’ll suggest the forum as a place to do DD and I go there as well, but like to know what -upper level?- people are looking at on a daily basis? If that makes sense.

Would it be possible to get a separate thread where demigods/heroes/quality traders can have their own discussions where we could read and follow along? I feel it gets lost in the masses in the group chat as someone who can’t frequent it.

I know spy chat was closed because we didn’t want an us vs them scenario and there were people in there that gave good advice that we wanted the whole group to be reading, but I miss the quietness I guess. It was easier to follow quality plays that were happening on a maybe hourly? Basis I guess.

If this isn’t a possibility and people have found good ways around this that don’t involve sifting through the entire group chat please let me know.

Personally I have found traders I like and look for their forum DD and comments. But sometimes if I have a day off it’s nice to follow along in a chat to learn/day trade.

If this is all stuff that’s been addressed my apologies, I may have ~missed it~ in the group chat. :joy::sweat_smile:

Appreciate the group and the chance to follow along. Thanks.

We actually have one.
We share our ideas here in the forums.

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Confirming that I post any relevant thoughts or DD to forums. Use the forums. Be the forums.


Forums, also VC, most members are actively in VC. I usually am when I’m not getting the long dick at work.

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Maybe I need to spend more time familiarizing myself with the forum. I read conqs goals for it and Mimir and I think I just need to give it time.

Thanks guys.

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